Liberalism makes world complicated

To the editor:

As I write this, the big dustup seems to be allowing transgender people to use public restrooms of their choosing.

Public restrooms have obviously existed for a long time, and I’m sure transgender people have been using them just as long as the rest of us. Suddenly, it’s an issue.

Sympathetic liberals (are there any other kind, with issues like this?) insist that we’re just being silly – we’ve been using restrooms with transgender people all along.

Yes, that’s exactly right – we have.

As I say, they’ve been using public restrooms for many years without a squawk. The thing is, to this point, they’ve been tragically oppressed, forced – however logically – to use whichever facility was stipulated by whatever standard equipment nature “mistakenly” bestowed upon their physical, rather than psychological or emotional, gender.

Now, however, they’re blessedly free to use whichever they feel is correct; if anyone complains, why, they’re just haters, standing in the way of social progress.

Understand: The transgender community has knowingly generated this nonissue, hoping to cause backlash and hysteria, simply to make an agenda-driven point. To force the vast, heterosexual majority to accept them on their terms, whether they want to or not.

An unintended consequence, however – one which no one who supports this seems to want to acknowledge or address – is the fact that this allows straight men – peeping Toms, or worse – to gain access to ladies’ rooms, claiming transgender status.

Again, if anyone complains, they just use the “transgender” card and nothing can be done, because they now have a “right” to be there, the complainers dismissed as bigots.

What, I wonder, will we do when some guy who “self-identifies” as, say, a dog, demands newspapers be spread on the floor of public restrooms, for himself and those like him? Then, perhaps demands for litter boxes for “cat-people?” Sawdust for “hamster-people?” What’ll happen then? How will we refuse? How can we?

We did it for the transgendered – how can we dare exclude the “transspecies?” Who are we to judge?

When you start willingly indulging people’s delusions and fantasies, there’s no line, no limit to the madness.

Whenever mass shootings occur, the anti-gun left draws itself up, haughtily demanding ever more regulation, because of “all of the guns out there, in the wrong hands.”

Well, let’s examine those hands – there are approximately 84 million private gun owners in America, possessing approximately 2 hundred million guns.

There are, on average, around 30,000 firearm deaths – accidents, suicides and murders – yearly.

Not to diminish that tragedy, but dumb accidents happen. You can kill yourself with almost anything, and most murders are committed with illegally-obtained guns. The cities with the strictest gun laws, New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C., also have the highest gun crime and murder rates. And truly, with that many guns in that many hands, is that really so outrageous a number?

Liberalism excels at making the world a more complicated, illogical and dangerous place.

Rob Denham