Councilman gets a firsthand view

To the editor:

When I interviewed for the 3rd Ward council position in Steubenville, I stated I wanted to ride along and work with the police, fire and sanitation crews. If I would be making decisions about them, I wanted to see what they do firsthand.

Well, I’ve done a ride along with the police – thank you for putting your lives on the line for us every time you go to work – and Tuesday I did a ride along with the sanitation crew. By the time you read this, I’ll probably still be sore. Our sanitation guys are tough. Citizens of Steubenville, please, please, please recycle. There are blue recycling bins all over the city. The amount of cardboard, plastic bottles and containers, aluminum cans, etc. that was left for the garbage pickup is unacceptable. Actually, it’s mostly laziness. Not only is it destroying our environment, but it is making our city pay for multiple trips to the Brooke County landfill that are unnecessary.

I have two plastic containers I bought for a couple of dollars each that I keep at my house. One is for cardboard and paper, the other is for plastic containers, aluminum cans and glass. When they are full, I take them to the recycling bins at Eastern Gateway Community College. It’s easy, and lately, the bins have not been full – so that is no excuse.

Also, watch what you throw away. On Central Avenue, somebody put bricks (among other items that should be for the spring pick up, not everyday garbage pick-up) in their trash cans, and I was informed this has happened for the past few weeks. Your spring cleanup is Saturday – put that type of stuff out on that day. One other thing, citizens, it helps the workers if you do not fill grass clippings in huge containers or giant trash bags. These are very heavy, especially when wet.

There is a lot we as citizens can do to make this tough job easier on our city workers. Thank you to sanitation workers Mark DiFilippo and James West for giving me the honor of working with you. I appreciate it, I hoped I helped a little and did not get in your way too much. Out of respect, I’ve always waved to the police as they have driven around my neighborhood. You can now add the sanitation workers to that list.

Eric Timmons

3rd Ward councilman