Beware of scammers

To the editor:

I am writing to advise the public to be aware of scammers out there trying to get your money or information from you. My phone rings constantly and it is usually people selling something or trying to get your money for fundraisers. I am writing to advise the public that scammers will come up with anything to get either your money or information from you. I usually do not answer the phone because it rings all day. Even though I have caller ID and can usually see who is calling me, they never leave a message. The caller ID usually leaves a generic address such as Cleveland or Steubenville as to where they are supposedly calling from.

I picked up the phone this past week and it seemed like the gentleman was calling from overseas somewhere because of his foreign accent. The gentleman had advised me that I had purchased some computer software between two and three years ago for my computer and that the company was going out of business. I believe he gave the name of Jason Bason, and that he had to return the money to me in the amount of either $299 or $229. If the money was not returned, then the government was going to sue his company for a billion dollars.

He had advised me that he had to send an encrypted e-mail to me. I had picked up from him that he was trying to scam me out of either money or information. I had advised him that I was busy at the moment. He advised that he would call me back in about an hour. He had advised that when he called back he would need only about 15 minutes of my time. In about an hour he had called me back – I had recognized the number on my caller ID – about five to nine times in attempts to reach me.

I believe he was trying to scam me to obtain information or money from me. I have not purchased any software in the past few years for my computer. He had not given me the name of the computer company he was working for. Why would he need to send me an encrypted message and why would he need 15 minutes of my time once he called back? It only takes a few minutes to verify a person’s information if he had that information. I believe he was going to send the message to sabotage my computer and obtain information from me. Why did he continue to call me at least 10 times to try to reach me again? I know companies will call back again, but not 10 times.

In closing, be aware of scammers. They will try to get your money or information any way they can.

Jeff Donnelly