Wellsburg taking positive steps

Officials in Wellsburg are hoping to plan for the future of the city’s recreational offerings, and are asking residents for their input.

In recent weeks, community volunteers Johanna Weiler and Angela Staffileno hosted a set of community vision sessions, seeking ideas for Wellsburg’s four parks — the 1st Ward and 4th Ward parks, Central Park and the Betty Carr Recreation Site. We applaud these efforts and hope they pay off.

Our area has a variety of recreational opportunities for local residents, from small neighborhood playgrounds to large community parks, basketball courts and swimming pools. All of them are in constant need of updates, whether it’s repairing existing equipment or bringing in new attractions.

In Wellsburg’s case, officials say one of the top requests was better lighting in the hopes of improving security at the parks and curbing a streak of vandalism. Some residents also recommended updated equipment, such as purchasing plastic slides to replace the existing metal ones.

Updates to the ball fields at the Betty Carr site have been suggested, and several people recommended community events to help draw visitors to the parks.

Recreation does not typically make money for any community, but it still needs investment and care. These efforts in Wellsburg can set an example for every town and city in our region, and we encourage those in charge to take note and reach out to their respective communities for similar input.

Habits and needs change as time passes. What may have worked at a neighborhood playground 20 years ago may no longer serve the needs of a particular area now. We encourage more community input into our local recreational offerings. Perhaps groups of residents will even be willing to help out with some of the upgrades being sought, or organize events.

Having a say in what is available may create a sense of ownership and pride, which can only result in good things for the future.


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