Take the vaccine when it’s offered

Too many Ohio nursing home workers fell victim to efforts to sow distrust in the COVID-19 vaccine, or were prohibitively worried about the side effects of the shot. Bizarrely, they declined the first round offered to them in Ohio. Now they will get a second chance to do the right thing.

Gov. Mike DeWine has plans for offering ongoing access to the vaccine in long-term care facilities.


Approximately 60 percent of those working day in and day out with our most vulnerable population turned down the vaccine when it was offered to them initially. Perhaps fueled by online conspiracy theories and unjustified fears, they decided against being part of the effort to stop the spread of this monster and save lives.

Surely they will not miss their second chance.

DeWine’s plan, which should be fleshed out by next week, would make vaccines available for new residents and employees of nursing homes and assisted living facilities as well. Though it is mind blowing to think anyone working in such a profession would not have rushed to get in line for the initial offering, there is plenty of evidence now that the vaccine is safe and any side effects are tolerable.

And, again, it will save lives.

While millions of Ohioans eagerly await their chance in line for the vaccine, those who are being asked to get it now should jump at the chance.


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