Weirton United Way campaign begins

The Weirton United Way’s 2020 campaign officially got under way Monday, and we hope the community will continue to show its support.

The United Way has been a part of the Weirton community for 84 years, raising money to support a variety of programs beneficial to area residents and businesses. In those 84 years, area residents have always found a way to help the United Way as it worked to help others.

This year, as with much else, will be different. Most of the traditional large fundraising events have been put on the back burner.

There will be no campaign update lunches, no thermometers placed on Main Street and Three Springs Drive, and no official campaign goal.

The campaign team will still be active, reaching out to the community to seek donations, and there are hopes for at least a couple of activities, if possible. One such event is the annual Fall Golf Tournament, set for Sept. 26 at Mountaineer’s Woodview Golf Course.

Remember that donations to the Weirton United Way stay local. Each of the 12 member agencies is connected to the Weirton community, whether it is the American Red Cross, Community Bread Basket, Healthways, Hancock County Sheltered Workshop or the Weirton Christian Center.

Through these and the other member agencies, more than 3,500 families receive help with food, utilities and rent assistance.

There are more than 2,500 children are helped with after-school programs, food, learning and transportation. Almost 700 senior citizens are served, and emergency and disaster services are provided to more than 300 families.

Of course, thousands of our neighbors have access to the services at the Mary H. Weir Public Library and charity medical care through Weirton Medical Center.

We understand this is a difficult year for everyone. Many of our residents have spent at least a portion of this year out of work, and that means the needs for assistance have become even greater.

The member agencies of the Weirton United Way have been continuing their work during the pandemic, offering food assistance, clothing, medical care and more for those in need.

All of this makes it more important than ever for the Weirton community to stand with these groups. We know you might not be able to give as much as in previous years, but every donation helps.

If you are able, we encourage you to do what you can.


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