Transit levy renewal deserves support

On some Eastern Ohio ballots for the March 17 primary election — with early voting already in progress — is an easy choice. It is renewal of the Eastern Ohio Transit Authority property tax levy.

If approved, the measure would not increase taxes. Remember, it only renews an existing tax — and a relatively small one, at that. The EORTA tax levy is 2.5 mills, or 25 cents per $100 in property valuation.

Most people do not use the EORTA buses, but for those who do, the service is critical. It allows riders to get to health care appointments, go shopping and even get to work. In a very real way, it contributes to the local economy.

EORTA serves bus routes that go to Bellaire, Bridgeport, Brookside, Blaine, Lansing, Martins Ferry, Rayland, Shadyside, Tiltonsville, Wolfhurst and Yorkville. In addition to linking those communities, the EORTA buses go to Wheeling. There, riders can use Ohio Valley Transportation Authority buses to reach various locations in Ohio County.

Support for public transportation is a longstanding tradition in our region.

Taxpayers seem to recognize the EORTA/OVRTA buses are an important public service and are worth supporting. Levy proceeds provide a substantial amount of funding required by the authorities.

We encourage area residents who see the EORTA levy on their ballots to vote “yes.” Doing so will not increase taxes, but will help to ensure a valuable public service remains in operation.


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