Residents should complete this survey

Steubenville always has put its Community Development Block Grant money to good use.

Past projects that have benefited from the federal dollars have included renovation work at the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center, improvements at North End Park in Beatty Park, rehabilitation work at Belleview Park, street paving projects in the city, the Historic Facade Rehabiliation progam and housing rehabilitation projects.

Officials are in the process of putting together the city’s five-year consolidated plan that ties in with that money. It requires the city to identify housing, community development and economic development needs as well as the resources to address those needs and present that information to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Input from the public always has been an important part of the process, and this year, according to Urban Projects Director Chris Petrossi, it will be easier than ever to have your voice heard. All residents of the city, according to Petrossi, are being invited to participate in a survey that will help planners decide what direction the city moves in through 2024.

Included on the survey are questions asking, among other things, how residents rate the overall quality of their neighborhoods, what residents think are the most important issues that are facing their neighborhoods and how residents would like to see CDBG money spent.

Available by visiting the city’s website at cityofsteubenville.us, the online questionnaire is a departure from the past, when officials waited for the return of print surveys that were mailed to a random sampling of residents.

Those results will be combined with information gathered in a survey of public agencies and nonprofits that provide services in housing, economic and community development, as well as items that are discussed during a series of public hearings that will be held in the coming weeks to provide officials with a look at what direction city residents want the community to move in.

Participation in the survey is important, Petrossi said, because it offers a chance to be included in the process and in setting future CDBG strategies and priorities.

That’s something all city residents should want to be a part of, and we hope everyone will take the few minutes needed to complete the CBDG survey.



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