Vote and let your voice be heard

The general election on Tuesday will feature grassroots elections throughout Jefferson County.

These races will determine who will be elected to run cities, townships, villages and boards of education.

It is one of the most important elections for voters.

These are the elected officials who make the most direct impact on the quality of life throughout Jefferson County.

As opposed to federal and state elections, voters will pick neighbors to represent them on local issues, such as water and sewer service, police protection, road maintenance and general issues important to the city, village or township.

It is important to cast ballots in this election.

The county board of elections reported about 40 percent of the county’s 46,126 registered voters are expected to cast ballots.

There are numerous contested elections on the ballot.

Steubenville voters will cast ballots for contested elections for council at large and 1st and 3rd Ward council seats. Mingo Junction will decide on contested races for mayor and council. Eleven other villages have contested races for either mayor or council.

There are contested elections for township trustee in Cross Creek, Island Creek, Knox, Mount Pleasant, Saline and Wayne townships.

There are contested elections in the following school districts: Harrison Hills City School District; Toronto City School District; Buckeye Local School District; and Edison Local School District.

There are 28 levies and issues on the ballot, including:

¯ Renewal of 2 mills for Edison Local School District for providing for emergency requirements of the district for a seven-year period.

¯ Renewal of 1.2 mills countywide for providing senior citizens services (Prime Time), five-year period.

¯ Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County: Renewal of 1 mill for current expenses, five-year period.

¯ Jefferson County Joint Vocational School District: Renewal, 1 mill for current expenses, purchasing equipment and improving buildings, seven-year period.

¯ Mingo Junction: Replacement of 6 mills for garbage collection for five-year period.

¯ Smithfield village: Proposed surrender of corporate powers and three levy renewals for emergency medical services, current operating expenses and cemetery maintenance.

¯ Toronto: Staggered four-year terms of legislative officers.

¯ Wells Township: Additional 3 mills, road maintenance, continuing period of time; and additional 3 mills, police protection, continuing period of time.

The voters have a say on Tuesday about their local communities.

It is the responsibility of residents to go to the polls.

Don’t complain on Wednesday if you don’t vote on Tuesday.

The national political scene may have turned many voters off, but Tuesday’s grassroots election is much different. You can’t pick up the phone and call the president to make a complaint, but you certainly can with local leaders.

Go vote on Tuesday. Your vote can make a difference in your community.


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