Mingo trash levy should get a ‘yes’

The trash collection provided to residents of Mingo Junction ranks among the top services of its type in the region.

In addition to regularly scheduled collections, residents are able to participate in a monthly rubbish collection and are able to request a special trip, if needed.

All of that is likely to change if residents reject the 6-mill replacement levy for garbage collection that is appearing on the Nov. 5 ballot.

The levy annually generates about $242,000 in revenue, which covers wages, trucks and landfill costs.

Because house valuations have increased since the levy was first passed, and voters are being asked to approve a replacement, the village will be able to generate a little additional money.

If the levy does not pass, it will be tough for the village to provide the service, leaving officials to consider options that are likely to cost residents more than the price of the levy. One would be to charge a fee for the service. Another would be to place restrictions on the service. And one would be for the village to turn to private collection.

None of those options is attractive, and having to implement any one of them would make the village a less attractive place to live.

According to to the Jefferson County auditor’s office, the levy, if passed would add $1.79 to the annual tax bill of a person who owns a house that is valued at $50,000.

That’s a small price to pay to ensure the village can continue to provide a valuable service, which is a good reason Mingo Junction voters should say yes to the 6-mill replacement levy for garbage.


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