Edison voters should say ‘yes’

Voters in the Edison Local School District will have the chance to invest in the future when they vote in the Nov. 5 election.

They are being asked to approve a 2.1-mill, seven-year emergency levy that will provide the money needed to centralize the district’s sports and school facilities on the Edison High School campus. We hope they will say “yes.”

If passed, the levy would generate $1,049,150 per year, money that would be used to construct a 1,500-seat gymnasium, as well as softball and baseball fields and new parking lots on the Edison High School campus.

Completion of those projects will be a plus for the district’s students and parents. Currently, Edison’s baseball and softball teams play on fields located near the entrance to Jefferson State Park, while track athletes must travel to Stanton Elementary School in Hammondsville. Consolidating all of the facilities for extracurricular facilities at the high school would eliminate travel, making it safer for participants, and be more convenient for parents, who often are asked to travel long distances among the facilities.

The new facilities would complement the new $500,000 track, which is nearing completion at the high school.

Once the levy is passed and design work completed, district officials say it will take six months to construct the fields and between 12 and 16 months for the new gymnasium.

District officials point out the levy is a renewal of a levy that was first passed in 1994, and will not lead to an increase in taxes. Since it is a renewal, it will continue to fall under the Homestead Exemption and will be billed at a lower rate for those who qualify. And they add, the seven-year time period ensures it will not appear back-to-back with the district’s 6.9-mill operational levy.

Bringing all of the district’s sports and school facilities together at one location makes a great deal of sense. That’s why voters in the Edison Local School District should say “yes” to the levy when they cast their votes.


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