Put safety first this homecoming season

A tradition that is a highlight of fall is under way as area high schools celebrate their homecoming events.

Students get the chance at this early point in the school year to enjoy the company of their friends, family and alumni during one of the more memorable events of the school year.

And, while it offers the chance to get dressed up and dance the night away, homecoming is a time to be sure to take a little extra caution.

It’s getting dark earlier, so young drivers could be getting their first real taste of post-dusk motoring.

It’s a busy time for deer and small animals, meaning accidents can happen. With the possibility of many young people in the same car, the possibility of distraction –already high due to cell phones and infotainment systems built into the cars themselves — can be high. There are laws against cell-phone use by drivers and against carrying too many people in a young driver’s vehicle. Be sure to know and follow those rules.

And, as with any student festivities, we need to warn against the possibility of underage drinking, and add to that a general warning for adults who might be partying a bit at homecoming events and impromptu reunions with old friends to be sure not to drink and drive.

So, yes, it’s a tradition that brings back memories of fall seasons past. And, to continue to generate such memories for the future, a little caution goes a long way.


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