Media Donor Day a chance to help

Area residents will have an opportunity to perform a simple and selfless act Wednesday.

That’s when this year’s Jefferson County Media Day Blood Drive is scheduled to be held at the St. Florian Event Center in Wintersville. The doors will be open from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and we hope that everyone who is eligible will participate in the annual event.

Late spring and early summer often bring a need for blood that sometimes isn’t met. Regular donors might be on vacation or involved with other activities that keep them away from donation centers.

That said, the need for blood does not go away. People will be injured in accidents; some might need emergency surgeries; and still others might need potentially life-saving scheduled surgeries for cancer or other medical conditions.

That need is especially great in Jefferson County, officials with the American Red Cross have explained, adding that Wednesday’s drive will be a part of the Missing Types campaign, which runs through June 30. The goal of that effort is to call attention to the critical role blood donors play, and the impact that can be felt when blood types A, B, O and AB are missing from the blood supply.

The donation process is simple — all you have to is complete a questionnaire and pass a simple health check. The skilled professionals who take the donations make giving blood quick, painless and effortless on the part of the donor.

The Herald-Star is once again proud to be able to team with WTRF-TV, WCDK-FM and WTOV-TV to sponsor Media Day. Also helping to make the event a success are Bath Fitter, which is providing T-shirts, and the Carriage Inn of Steubenville, which is providing pizza for those who donate during Wednesday’s Media Day.

It’s a chance to invest a little bit of your time to help others.