Brooke Middle School sets great example

It has been said and written that empathy is not a quality that stands out among young people. Sometimes that is because we adults do not make the effort to instill it in them.

But they do it at Brooke Middle School in Wellsburg. Last week, an assembly at the school was held in observance of Autism Awareness Month. It was one of several events held during the month.

“People don’t often get to see what autistic kids can do,” remarked Allisha Fuscardo, an autism and moderate disabilities teacher.

The assembly was “good for all the students,” she added. “The special education students have the opportunity to practice their communication skills and the general education students have a chance to form bonds.”

Brooke Middle has a student group that helped with the events. It is SPLASH, which is short for Students Promoting Love, Awareness, Social Skills and Happiness. Every school ought to have something similar.

Many adults in our area remember a time when “special ed” students frequently were kept apart from a school’s general population. That was a disservice to them — and us. Young people today are fortunate that attitudes such as that on display at Brooke Middle seem to prevail.

Understanding that the people around us are, in the ways that really matter, just people like us is important.

Good for all involved at Brooke Middle School for recognizing that and using Autism Awareness Month in thoughtful ways to make it happen.


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