Telemarketers: Have they got your number

Dear Readers: Today’s Sound Off is about telemarketing calls:

“Dear Heloise: I got a phone call last night, and caller ID said it was from my son. I answered, only to get a marketer for some product I won’t buy. I encourage others to never buy a product from a telemarketer. So many marketing calls are scams. The Do Not Call list doesn’t screen out calls from my son, my friends or my alma mater. When will companies learn this is not an effective way to sell anything?” — Bess G., Sherman, Texas

Telemarketing calls are becoming a real problem in this country. You can eliminate a number of these calls by going online and registering at www.donotcall.gov, or you can call 888-382-1222. If you move or change phone numbers, you’ll need to re-register. — Heloise

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