City man in custody on stolen property charge

Curtis Shriver

STEUBENVILLE — A Steubenville man is in custody in connection with a breaking-and-entering at the Kiwanis Soccer complex on Wintersville’s Airpark Drive a week ago.

Curtis Duwane Shriver, 40, 424 N. Sixth St., Steubenville, was charged with receiving stolen property after authorities allegedly found a brush mower belonging to the Kiwanis organization under a tent in his back yard, Monday. The serial number plate had been removed from the mower, but Kiwanis officials were able to identify the mower as theirs, Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies reported Thursday.

The thefts occurred the week of July 12 but weren’t noticed until July 16.

In addition to the mower, deputies said a Graco field laser paint machine S100 model and a Craftsman 950 power washer were taken, along with a length of plastic-coated steel cable and some hand tools.

The paint machine and power washer are still missing, they said.

Deputies searched Shriver’s back yard Monday, with his consent. They said they’d spotted his SUV and trailer from the street and say he agreed to show them his back yard, where they found two canopy tents with openings. Asked if they could look inside the tents, deputies said Shriver initially asked for a search warrant but agreed to let them look inside after he was advised the investigating officers would wait at the scene while one was delivered. Officers said the first tent was empty and Shriver pulled back the flap of the second one only slightly and told them, “See, there’s nothing here,” but said they’d already spotted the mower inside.

Deputies also reportedly recovered numerous wrenches “laying in an open bag on the back seat” of Shriver’s SUV, which was impounded. The wrenches also were identified by Kiwanis officials as belonging to them, the report said.

Anyone with any additional information is asked to contact Capt. Joe Lamantia at the Jefferson County sheriff’s department, who said the investigation and “search for other possible suspects” is ongoing.


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