Steubenville gets a break on marina project

EXTENSION PLANNED — Barring any construction surprises, City Engineer Mike Dolak figures they’ll be able to take the grant-funded marina water line extension all the way to the southern end of the shelter area. (Photo by LInda Harris)

STEUBENVILLE — The winning bid for the marina waterline project was substantially lower than the engineer’s estimate, fueling hopes that the city will be able to stretch the money to the southern end of the shelter area.

Border Patrol, a Hopedale firm that’s done several projects with the city during the past five years, submitted the winning bid, which was just shy of $87,000.

But the city has $160,000 in grants earmarked for the marina work — $98,000 through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the other $62,000 from the Ohio Public Works Commission.

That leaves the city with an extra $73,000 for the marina project, providing they don’t run into any construction surprises.

“Barring any unforeseen conditions, (unless) we would encounter something (major), we should be able to at least extend the line another 250-feet, all the way to the south end of the marina,” City Engineer Mike Dolak said. That would be roughly where the “Ohio River Lock and Dam” sign stands.

Dolak said they’ll take the line as far as the grant funds will take them.

Councilwoman at large Kimberly Hahn said she’s hoping they can stretch the available funding — or find more grant opportunities — to take the line the full length of the marina to a point at the north end of the shelter area, potentially allowing connections for restrooms and water fountains as well as a second working fire hydrant. Hahn said those features would “make it easier for food truck service” at special events, and the additional working hydrant would provide added protection for the city’s picnic shelters as well as boaters, “and make it easier for the fire department to wash the mud off the (marina) apron.”

Hahn pointed out the grants funding the upgrade “are specific to the marina and this project, which should be completed before the end of the year.”

“And the grants didn’t require a city match,” she added.

She expects work to begin in late September or early October, “hopefully limiting how much this work will interfere with those who are using marina.”

“It’s just one step,” Hahn said. “People talk about the road, how bad it is, but the water line goes under the road, we needed to do it before we worked on the road. It’s a first step, just a first step, but it is a real step forward.”


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