Harrison County junior fair in the history books for 2020

CHAMPION — Madison Young, a member of the Harrison FFA, raised the grand champion market steer at the Harrison County Junior Fair livestock sale. The 1,350-pound crossbred steer was purchased by Don Jones of D&J Sales and Service, Hunter Palmer of Paris and Washington Rick Young of Young Cattle and Jon Jones of D&J at $16 per pound. They were joined by Katherine Eberhart, the fair queen. -- Esther McCoy

CADIZ — The 173rd Harrison County Junior Fair is now history.

It went down as different, but successful, despite all of the restrictions that were imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to the assistance of the Harrison County Agricultural Society.

The livestock auction was held Friday in the fan-cooled Birney Memorial Building. Madison Young raised the fawn-color crossbred grand champion market steer. It weighed in at 1.350 pounds, and sold for $16 per pound. Buyers were D&J Sales and Service and Paris and Washington Insurance. The 2019 price was $5 per pound for a 1,331-pound steer which went to the same buyers.

Phillip Kellar had the 1,331-pound reserve market steer that brought in $7 per pound from D&J Sales and Service and Paris and Washington It had the same buyers in 2019 but went for $12 per pound.

The dairy feeder grand champion calf, weighing 730 pounds, was sold to Jim Coleman for $3.25 per pound. It was raised by Ryan Albaugh. Gracie Rogers had the 660-pound dairy feeder reserve champion. Homeland Realty was the buyer at $3.75 per pound.

RESERVE — Phillip Kellar raised the 1,331-pound reserve champion market beef steer at the 2020 Harrison County Junior Fair. It brought $7 per pound and was purchased by D&J Sales and Service and Paris and Washington. Sharing a moment with Kellar and Katherine Eberhart, the fair queen, were Don Jones of D&J Sales, Hunter Palmer of Paris and Washington and Jon Jones of D&J. -- Esther McCoy

Woodsfield Savings Bank purchased the grand champion market pen of three rabbits at $900, with Alexia Dennis raising the rabbits. The 2019 price was $700. Milleson Insurance of Freeport, Cadiz and Steubenville made the reserve market rabbits purchase at $650. This was the same price as in 2019. Kendra DeWees raised the rabbits.

Thea Haney raised the grand champion market pen of two ducks. They were purchased by Encino Energy at $1,300. Katherine Eberhart, junior fair queen, raised the reserve champion market ducks that received $1,000 from Randall L. Memorials of St. Clairsville.

The grand champion pen of three market chickens was raised by Adrianna Blazeski and bought at $1,325 from Steve Stickle, a candidate for Harrison County prosecutor. They sold for $700 in 2019. McKenna Brown had the reserve champion pen of three chickens that brought $1,200 from D&J Sales and Service. The 2019 price was $500.

The grand champion market turkey weighing 41.4 pounds was raised by Isabel Yeager and purchased by the group of Darrin Young of D&E Excavation, Justin Neely of J&D Livestock, Dino Piergallini and Sons Equipment/Wilgus and Co. and Dusta Ryder at $2,300. The 2019 price was $1,150. Adrianna Blazeski had the grand champion reserve turkey weighing 40.2 pounds. Encino Energy paid $950. The 2019 price was $700.

Ava Huffman raised the 77-pound grand champion market goat that was purchased by Wilgus and Co. and Border Patrol at $12.25 per pound. Jace Arnold had the reserve champion goat that brought $11.50 per pound from Homeland Realty It was $10.25 per pound in 2019.

The grand champion market lamb, raised by Nora Jackson, brought $24 per pound at the auction. It weighed 127 pounds and was purchased by a group consisting of Lexi Ferguson of Shortcreek Catttle, Don Jones and family, D&J Sales and Service, Cliff Linder of Umbarger Feed, Sam Murral of Murral Etc., Steve Miric of Miric Show Cattle and Donna Pendleton. The 2019 price was $6.75 per pound. Jace Arnold had the intermediate weight lamb weighing 62 pounds and bringing $11.50 per pound. It was $10,25 per pound in 2019..

Market hogs were the most numerous market animal at 107. Jaiden Pelegreen had the grand champion pig weighing 271 pounds. Paris and Washington was the buyer at $6.25 per pound. The reserve champion hog was raised by Rylee Pelegreen and weighted 259 pounds. Encino Energy was the buyer at $6.25 per pound

Livestock banners were donated by Toland Trucking and Freeport Press. Pens were donated by the Harrison County Dairy and officers will be looking into a show in the fall as dairy animals or products were not part of the fair. Sale committee T-shirts were donated by Orme’s Hardware of Cadiz.


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