Comet arrives

Zach Coldebella, an amateur astronomer from Steubenville, was able to capture this view of the comet Neowise. Astronomers say the comet, which is about 3 miles across, is the brightest comet that has been visible from the Northern Hemisphere in a quarter-century. It will remain visible in the Tri-State Area during the next week. You can catch a glimpse of the comet by looking low on the northwest horizon between 10:49 p.m. and 12;22 a.m. today and from 10:57 p.m. to 12:48 a.m. Thursday. The comet also will be visible low on the southeast horizon from 3:18 a.m. to 4:01 a.m. Thursday. For additional times, visit neowise.whatsupin.space. The next several days will be the only chance for area residents to view the comet — after it leaves, it will not return for another 7.000 years. — Contributed/Zach Coldebella


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