Another reason to stay home: Superload moving Sunday from Steubenville to Wellsville

STEUBENVILLE — A superload is scheduled to move from Steubenville to Wellsville on Sunday, restricting travel along the north and southbound lanes of state Route 7 and state Route 45.

The transport is scheduled to begin the move at 9 a.m. from Steubenville and end at the South Field Energy power plant located on Osborne Road.

The superload will travel state Route 7 north/U.S. Route 22 west in Steubenville then continue north on state Route 7 using the north and southbound lanes via crossovers to continue to state Route 45 in Wellsville.

From state Route 45, the transport will continue north to Osborne Road.

Traffic will be maintained using rolling road blocks.

The transport will be accompanied by four Ohio State Highway Patrol escorts, ODOT crews, local law enforcement and utility trucks.

Progress of the superload will affect traffic in all directions on the traveled routes.

Motorists wishing to travel south along state Route 7 during this time should expect delays of up to 30 minutes while the superload moves to state Route 45.

Dimensions of the superload are 18-feet wide, 18-feet 8-inches tall, 180-feet long, and 797,500 pounds, gross weight. Due to the size and travel speed of the superload, officials from ODOT are working closely with a logistics team for the successful transport.

The transport team is paying special attention to public safety when crossing bridges and making turns on the superload’s route. The transport team is also planning the move to avoid peak travel times to minimize the interference with traffic.

ODOT is asking motorists to plan ahead and consider alternate routes to avoid congestion and delays.

Future moves are scheduled for Sunday’s through the end of March and throughout the month of April.


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