Give a gift to yourself with ‘Dear Reader’

The spirit of giving is upon us. Will you exchange presents with family or send an anonymous gift to your favorite charity this season?

There’s a difference between the use of the two words present and gift. A gift is given without expectation to receive in return. Present is used in terms as something given to acknowledge a relationship, fulfill an obligation, or celebrate an occasion.

I never gave much thought to the two words to know there was a difference. But as fate (not destiny) would have it, I opened an e-mail to read a list of new books at the library. Fate is inevitable and often a predetermined condition or outcome and destiny suggests a power controlling human life and operations of the universe.

“How to Tell Fate From Destiny and Other Skillful Word Distinctions” by Charles Harrington Elster was on the list. My guess was that this book could somehow be weaved into an article or post. So often, I look for and collect pieces of information that can be used as a social media post, article, or to pass on to staff. And yes- guess, speculate, surmise, and conjecture are grouped but I won’t expound on it. I’ll let you read about it for yourself.

Each month, I receive a list of new books thanks a service the library provides, Dear Reader-Select Reads. There are several genres to choose from including business, art, audiobooks and large print. So I am only shown the books that I’m interested in — thankfully. What’s more, Dear Reader also offers an online book club and a full-fledged authors database you can receive as an monthly e-mail as well. I love the online book club. It works with my busy schedule. Monday through Friday, a five-minute read from a book genre that I subscribed to is e-mailed to me. A new book is chosen each week. There are countless times I’ve ordered the physical book that was digitally featured.

If any of what I’ve written appeals to you then you may want to look into Dear Reader. Just visit the library’s website and click on “e-resources” then “databases.” It’s easy, quick, and most definitely a gift to give yourself.

(Cesta is the public relations coordinator of the Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County.)


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