Clock ticking for landlords on rental registration in Steubenville

STEUBENVILLE — The clock is ticking for city landlords who haven’t renewed their rental registrations.

All current registrations expire Dec. 31.

A 2008 city ordinance requires the owners of all residential rental units to register their properties annually with the Steubenville Planning and Zoning Commission.

Owners who haven’t renewed their registrations for 2020 as well as those who have not registered before need to submit their registration form and corresponding fees, which, by ordinance, are due Jan. 30.

Compliance is particularly important for landlords whose rental units are in one of the city’s 25 neighborhood conservation districts, where failure to register in a timely fashion has, in the recent past, resulted in landlords being forced to evict tenants and put those properties up for sale.

The registration fee for one rental unit is $15; two- to five-rental units, $25; six to 25 rental units, $50; 26 to 100 rental units, $75; and more than 101 units, $100. The planning and zoning office says it uses the registry information to contact rental property owners or their agents in the event problems or issues occur that affect their buildings.

For information or to obtain a registration form, call the Steubenville Planning and Zoning Commission at (740) 283-6000, ext. 1700, or visit the city’s website at cityofsteubenville.us and select Planning and Zoning under city departments, then scroll down to the “Rental Housing Code” section.


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