Hancock Co. OKs new equipment for sheriff’s department

NEW CUMBERLAND — The Hancock County Commission approved the purchase of new body armor for the sheriff’s department at Thursday’s meeting.

Sheriff Ralph Fletcher reported body armor has a life expectancy of five years, and it has been about five years since the county made the last purchase.

The sheriff’s department was awarded a $11,600 grant for the body armor. The department also used a grant to purchase body armor five years ago. The grant is good for 27 vests and accessories the department needs.

Fletcher provided the commission with two bids. He recommended the bid of $22,059 from North Eastern Uniforms and Equipment Inc. Both bids offered identical products, but the recommended bid was $2,646 less expensive.

Fletcher asked the commission to pay the additional $10,459 for the new body armor. The commission approved the request.

In other action, the commission:

¯ Approved to appoint Willie Balt to the Hancock County Park Board. The commission approved three park board resignations at the Sept. 26 meeting. The park board was unable to hold their most recent meeting on Nov. 6, because they’re was not a quorum. Balt was the only person who applied for the openings and she was appointed to the longest available term.

¯ Agreed to opt out of the Opioid Negotiation Class grouping, the opt out was recommended by legal council.

¯ Agreed to enter into a contract with the West Virginia Victim Assistance Grant program for the 2019/2020 fiscal year.

¯ Agreed to support the JDRIV Career Center in applying for the EPIC Competition Grant.

¯ Approved the bid from Builders Wholesale in Chester for replacing the Hancock County Health Department main floor’s flooring.

¯ Passed a resolution proclaiming dispatchers as First Responders.

¯ Approved the Hancock County Animal Shelter October in and out reports. The shelter had 255 animals come in and 205 animals leave.

¯ Approved the purchase of a new timeclock for both the animal shelter and dispatch center.

¯ Approved the bills and requisitions for the Animal Shelter Levy, Library Levy Fun and Sheltered Workshop Fund.

¯ Approved the payment of general county bills of $291,666.

¯ Hancock County Program Coordinator Extension Agent Youth Development Carole Scheerbaum announced the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents was held last week at the Greenbrier. During the conference Scheerbaum announced she received two awards one was with four colleagues and was for training their volunteer campers and the other was a service award.

¯ Fletcher announced the sheriff’s department has partnered with the Weirton, New Cumberland and Chester Police Departments to raise money for Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital. The money is being raised through “No Shave November” participation, each participating officer is required to raise money for opting out of shaving.

¯ Commissioner Paul Cowey announced the opening of the Freedom House in Chester and he wishes the rehab facility the best.

¯ Commission President Joe Barnabei also congratulated Oak Glen athletics for their winning seasons. He also thanked veterans for their service and for protecting the country.

The next meeting will be at 2:30 p.m. Nov. 26.


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