Hancock County first responders recognized

NEW CUMBERLAND — Hancock County first responders received praise during Thursday’s commissioner’s meeting.

County Clerk George Foley honored the first responders who saved his life by awarding them with the CPR Life Medal, a pin given to those who have saved lives through performing CPR. Foley awarded Levi Anderson of the Hancock County Ambulance Service, Sgt. Scott Little of the Hancock County Sheriff Department and Don Sprouse of the Hancock County Emergency Medical Service, with the pin and a card.

“You’ve heard stories about people passing out and they die. That was my story. I passed out and I don’t remember a thing. I don’t remember a thing until about 10 days after I passed out,” said Foley. “I would not be standing here if it wasn’t for these three gentleman and I want Hancock County to understand they should be proud of people like this because these guys go to work everyday. They don’t know what’s going to happen, but they react just like that. I want to thank them for my life and I’m very proud to know them.”

Tracy Lemley, Hancock County 911 Dispatch Center director, attended the meeting to honor dispatcher Aaron Beaumont, who mentioned the existence of the CPR Life Medal pin, and for his work and professionalism at the dispatch center on Aug. 14 during the shooting incident. Lemley said she will be awarding him with a framed copy of the letter she received from the Brooke County Sheriff’s Department about Beaumont for his work with the department and with a patch from the Brooke County SRT team when they arrive.

“It’s always nice when you can do good things for your local people. We always brag about how close our community is, and that just goes to show you, everybody runs to help,” said Commission President Joe Barnabei.

In other business, the commission:

¯ Voted to support the New Cumberland River Festival and Parade Committee’s request of $6,240 to help pay the bills for the 2019 River Fest.

¯ Voted to place the letter they received from the Hancock County Museum requesting donations to help defray the costs of monthly upkeep on record.

¯ Approved the United Bank as the originating bank for the county’s payroll direct deposit.

¯ Approved the resignation of Markas Dunlevy from the position of full-time administrative assistant for the office of emergency management, OEM department.

¯ Approved advertising for the full-time administrative assistant for the OEM department.

¯ Approved the Hancock County Animal Shelter report for September, which showed the shelter had 274 animals enter the shelter and 186 animals leave.

¯ Approved the hiring of Olivia Masciantoni, Sandy Smearman and Kristen Rae Williams as part-time employees at the county animal shelter.

¯ Approved the hiring of Maurice Tucker and Danny Minor as part-time security personnel.

¯ Approved paying the county’s probate and estates, exoneration orders, bills and bills and requisitions for the animal shelter, library and sheltered workshop levies.

¯ Approved county commission travel reimbursement for Jeff Davis and Barnabei. Davis was reimbursed $211 and Barnabei $237.

¯ Bib Vidas, executive director of the office of technology and communications.

¯ Carole Scheerbaum, county program coordinator extension agent 4-H youth development, announced fall 4-H programming is up and running. She also announced everyone is excited for the new bathhouses in Tomlinson Run State Park which are currently under construction.

¯ Chuck Wright, clerk of circuit court, announced on Oct. 31 there will be a jury selection of approximately 70 people. The commission expressed concerns about parking for that many people and Vidas offered to rent a bus from the senior center for the day to act as a shuttle.

¯ Chief Deputy Art Watson extended gratitude and congratulations to Hancock County’s first responders and dispatchers for their hard work. He also announced the sheriff’s department received license plate readers two weeks ago and they have already made three arrests through the use of the new technology.

¯ Davis thanked residents for their feedback on the state Route 2 project in New Cumberland, and he encourages to continue providing feedback to the state despite the deadline for public comment being this week.

¯ Barnabei announced the George Hines Park in New Cumberland is the first location in the state to receive a gold star monument marker, which remembers service members who have died.

The next meeting will be 2:30 p.m. Thursday.


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