Police: Theft may be linked to others

BRILLIANT — Wells Township Police believe the Tuesday night break-in of Xtreme and the theft of five dirt bikes could be part of a ring operating across the eastern part of the country.

Police Capt. Sean Norman said a passerby saw a motorcycle laying in the business lot, located at 198 Penn St. The passerby went to check on the motorcycle, thinking there might have been a person also on the ground, Norman said.

Norman said the glass on a door was broken.

The motorcycles are valued at $4,000 to $6,000 each, police reported.

Norman said there have been several reports of a box truck being used to haul away motorcycles taken from cycle shops after a break-in. He said it could be the same group of thieves.

Norman said he is going to send out a request for information from other police agencies who are investigating similar crimes to see if there is a connection or suspects.

He said the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation was called to process the scene for evidence.