Weirton to begin search for new city manager

WEIRTON — The city will, once again, be starting the search for a new city manager.

Current manager, Carlo Pilgrim, submitted his resignation Friday, after holding the job for only about 45 days, with a planned final day of Sept. 6.

Mayor Harold Miller confirmed the resignation Saturday, saying only some issues had arisen in recent weeks, he had spoken to Pilgrim, who agreed to resign.

“We reached an agreement,” Miller said, not providing any additional details.

Miller said while he has enjoyed working with Pilgrim, calling him “a good man,” and noting his past experience in municipal administration and the U.S. Navy, he admitted Pilgrim may not have been the right fit for what the city had planned.

“Some of the projects we were working on may have been out of his realm,” Miller said

Pilgrim was appointed to the post by Miller July 8, with a 4-3 approval from council.

At the time, Miller touted the experience of Pilgrim, who came to Weirton from Boothbay Harbor, Maine, which, he said, included administrative work in several communities across the country and experience in economic development.

Some of that work has included positions in Boothbay Harbor; Newport, Maine; Holbrook, Ariz.; and Dover Vt.

Miller said he will begin work on locating a new city manager within the coming days, in the hope of filling the spot as soon as possible.

“We’ll move forward,” Miller said. “We’ll begin the process.”

The mayor explained that process could include appointing an interim city manager while a search takes place, but he also said the city could find someone within the current administration or seek other applicants. Miller said he also he has received recommendations from the community.

“We’ll check all that out,” Miller said.

More discussion is expected at city council’s next meeting, currently scheduled for Sept. 9.

Pilgrim had been on a 90-day probation period, after which time city council would assess his performance.

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