Top finishers in chickens announced

SMITHFIELD — The Jefferson County Junior Fair poultry show had many 4-H members competing for grand and reserve champion awards. There was everything from fancy, bantam, layers and meat chickens presented for judging.

The raising of ducks has increased, with fancy, layer and meat ducks in competition. Three 4-H members raised geese.

Top finishers for fancy chickens include: American-Mort Caitlin, Country Road Runners, first. Asiatic, Caitlin, Country Classics, first; and Timothy Lamantia, Country Classics, second. Miscellaneous: Lindsey Best, Free Spirits, first; Olivia Prolago, Sunrise Lads and Lassies, second. Bantam games: Conner Best, independent, first and second. Bantam single combs: Cameron Best, first. Bantam Rose comb, Lindsey Best, first; Caleb Miller, Windy Ridge, second; Grace Miller, Windy Ridge, third.

Fancy bantam, all other comb, clean legged: Cameron Best, first; Conner Best, second; Grace Miller, third. Bantam feather legged: Timothy Lamantia, Country Classics, first; Conner Best, second and fourth; Lindsey Best, third; and Caleb Miller, fifth.

Lindsey Best had the grand champion fancy; Timothy Lamantia had the reserve champion.

Layer chicken American top finishers included: Grace Miller, first and second; Mackenzie Everhart, third; Timothy Lamantia, fourth. Asiatic: Mackenzie Everhart, first. English: Mackenzie Everhart, first; Lindsey Best, second; Mediterranean, Cameron Best, first; Miscellaneous: Cameron Best, first; and Timothy Lamantia, second. Grand champion layers was Cameron Best; reserve champion, Grace Miller.

Pen of three meat chickens, where there were 22 in competition: Carly Long, Country Rangers, first; Blake Moran, Broken Fences, second; Noah Crawford, Dirt Diggers, third; Nathan Crawford, Dirt Diggers, fourth; Mya Bonecutter, Happy Hooves and Fancy Feathers, fifth.

Grand champion for pen of three meat chickens was Carly Long and reserve champion was Blake Morgan.

Ducks are becoming more popular in competition: Fancy ducks: Jenna Anderson, Country Classics, first and fifth; Mary McConnell, 43 Ramblers, second; Paul Pasco, Happy Hooves and Fancy Feathers, third and fourth. Grand champion was Jenna Anderson and reserve champion winner was Mary McConnell.

Layer ducks: Mary McConnell, first; and Jenna Anderson, second and third.

Mary McConnell was grand champion with layer ducks and Jenna Anderson was reserve champion. Meat ducks, pen of three: Aiden Cooper, Happy Hooves and Fancy Feathers, first; Kaden Bednarek, Town and Country, second; Johanna George, third and fourth; and Kaden Bednarek, Town and Country, fifth. Aiden Cooper was grand champion and Kaden Bednaret was reserve champion.

Geese: Fancy Mary McConnell, first; Mercy McGalla, Liberty Gals and Guys, second.

Mary McConnell was grand champion for geese and Mercy McGalla was reserve champion. McConnell was first and grand champion for layer geese.

Meat goose winner was Brianna Pasco, first and grand champion; and second and reserve champion.

There were 18 entries for market turkeys in the poultry competition: Meat turkey top finishers were: Haley DiBenedetto, Country Classics, first; Ian Latynski, Town and Country, second and third; Nicolas Molinaro, Country Classics, fourth and sixth; Haley DiBenedetto, Country Classics, fifth; Franklin Mazzafferro, seventh and 10th; Shelby Doty, 4-H Varieties, eighth; Walker Doty, 4-H Varieties, ninth.

Grand champion was Haley DiBenedetto and reserve champion was Ian Latinski.