Junior beef show winners chosen

SMITHFIELD — The Jefferson County Junior Beef Show had the following winners in the dairy feeder calves, class 1: Corissa Griffith, Windy Ridge, first; Mackenzie Smith, Buckeye Variety Livestock, second; Shane Griffith, Windy Ridge, third; Emma Morrison, Friends and Neighbors, fourth and fifth; Tyler Browning, Buckeye Variety, sixth.;

Dairy feeders class 2: Colby Smith, Buckeye Variety Livestock, first and second; Mackenzie Smith, third; Shane Griffith, Windy Ridge, fourth; and Corissa Griffith, fifth.

Grand champion dairy feeder, Corissa Griffith; reserve dairy feeder, and fifth overall, Colby Smith; and third and fourth overall, Mackenzie Smith.

The dairy feeder calves of Mackenzie Smith were brought to the auction ring by friends and her 4-H club members to be auctioned. She was preparing to bring them to the fairgrounds when she died on Aug. 11. Colby Smith, a reserve champion, is her brother.

Heifer feeder calves: Ava Cline, 43 Ramblers, first; Kayla Wood, Buckeye Variety Livestock, second; Sara Vein, Wildwood Critters, third; and Gavin Dondzila, Dusty Boots, fourth. Grand champion heifer feeder calf, aAva Cline; reserve champion, Kayla Wood; third overall, Sara Vein; fourth overall, Gavin Dondzila.

Steer feeder calves, class 1: Boady Wood, Buckeye Variety, first and second; Kayla Wood, third; Cameron Best, Free Spirits, fourth; Rainy Arnett, Country Shamrocks, fifth; Gabriella Boyuk, Dusty Boots, sixth.

Class 2 steer feeder calves: Kayla Wood, Buckeye Variety, first and third; Mackenzie Orban, Free Spirits, second; Ava Cline, 43 Ramblers, fourth; Madeline Whitehill, Bits and Pieces, fifth; Kaleb Griffith, Purple Circle, sixth.

Grand champion steer feeder calf, Kayla Wood; reserve, Boady Wood and fourth; third overall, Mackenzie Orban; and fifth overall, Kayla Wood.

Market steers winners:

Class 1 market steers; Bailey Harris, Wildwood Critters, first; Hannah Randolph, Wildwood Critters, second; Makayla Marko independent, third; Gage Robinson, Wildwood Critters, fourth.

Class 2, market steers: Shelby Robinson, first; Bailey Harris, second; and Hannah third. All are Wildwood Critters members.

Class 3 market steers: Gage Robinson, Wildwood Critters, first; Makayla Marko, second; Madeline Whitehill, Bits and Pieces, third.

Grand champion market steer is that of Gage Robinson, weighing 1,385 ponds; reserve champion is Shelby Robinson, weighing 1,357 pounds; third overall, Makayla Marko, steer champion weighing 1,575 pounds; Bailey Harris, fourth overall, steer weighing 1,269 pounds; and Hannah Randolph, fifth overall, steer weighing 1,205 pounds.

Marko received the best rate of gain and best bred grand champion; Bailey Harris has the reserve best bred.

Cow and calf at side, Cameron Best, first; Andrew Saiter, Friends and Neighbors, second; and Emma Morrison, Friends and Neighbors, third.

Crossbed cow: Saiter, first; Morrison, second. Year-old crossbred cow. Rainy Arnett, County Shamrocks, first. Junior yearling: Rainy Arnett, first: Anderw Saiter, second. Summer yearling: Isabelle Bonecutter, first; Senior heifer calf: Andrew Saiter, first.

Junior heifer calf: Boady Wood, first; Isabelle Bonecutter. second; Carl Bonecutter, Country Shamrocks, third; Emma Morriso, fourth. Angus cow: Christopher Ebright, Warren Ridge Runners, first. Junior yearling:, first; Noah Kokiko, Windy Ridge, first; Dominic Kokiko, independent, second.

Grand beef breeding winner was Boady Wood; reserve was Cameron Best.