Fair goat top finishers named

OFF FOR A RIDE — Corissa Griffith, Windy Ridge 4-H Club, takes her 2-year Nubian goat, Joey, for a spin in the cart just made for a goat to pull. She was the 2018 Junior Fair princess and won many awards in goat competition. -- Esther McCoy

SMITHFIELD — The pygmy, companion, miniature and silky fainting goats were judged at the Jefferson County Junior Fair contest. This was a very large category, along with the market goats and judges were kept busy for half a day to get results.

Top finishes in the showmanship contests include:

Junior showmanship: Leila Sudvary, Broken Fences, first; and Treyton Heitz, Happy Hooves and Fancy Feathers, second.

Intermediate showmanship: Haley Heitz, Happy Hooves and Fancy Feathers, first; Samantha Ankrom, Golden Horseshoe, second; Kylie Anderson, Sunrise Lads and Lassies, third; Kaitlyn Merkle, Lassos and Lace, fourth; and Denvar Nelson, Warren Ridge Wranglers, fifth.

Senior showmanship: Brianna Pasco, Happy Hooves, first; Bailee Murphy, Country Classics, second; Catalina Mazzaferro, Lucky Leaf. third; Brianna Merkel, Lassos ‘N’ Lace, fourth; and Alysia Slie, Country Kids, fifth

Supreme Showmanship: Brianna Pasco, first; Haley Heitz, second; Mikayla Partnisko, Lucky Leaf Livestock, third; Leila Sudvary, Broken Fences, fourth.

Companion goat: Zoe Shell, Denim and Dust, first; Brianna Pasco, second; Alaina Warren, 43 Ramblers, third; Catalina Mazzaferro, fourth; Kylie Anderson, fifth; Chase Shell, Denim ‘N’ Dust, sixth; Aston Bensie, 4-H Varieties, seventh and eighth.

Miniature Silky Fainting goats: Zoe Shell, Denim and Dust, first; Case Shell, Denim and Dust, second.

Silky doe over 1-year old: Zoe Shell, first.

Silky mature doe, Chase Shell, first, and Zoe Shell, second.

Grand champion miniature silky goat, Chase Shell; and reserve champion, Zoe Shell.

Pygmy wether: Leila Sudvary, Broken Fences. first; Maddilynn Fellows, Golden Horseshoe, second;

Pygmy wether over 1 year: Kylie Dray, Broken Fences, first; Natalie Lucas, 43 Ramblers, second.

Pygmy mature wether: Rainy Arnett, Purple Circle, seventh; Samantha Ankrom, eighth, Country Shamrocks, first; Leila Sudvary, second; Skyler Ebright, Country Shamrocks, third; Mikayla Petrisko, fourth; and Kaitlynn Merkel, Lassos and Lace, fifth.

Pygmy doe under 1: Leila Sudvary, first; Haley Heitz, second; Mikayla Petrisko, Lucky Leaf, third; Maddilynn Fellows, fourth and fifth.

Pygmy mature doe: Kaleb Griffith, Purple Circle, first; Treyton Heliz, Happy Hooves, second; Bailie Murphy, Country Classics, third; Skyler Ebright, Country Shamrocks, fourth; Leila Sudvary, fifth; Samantha Ankrom, Golden Horseshoe, sixth; Kaleb Grififth; Purple Circle, seventh; Samantha Ankrom, eighth and 10th; and Maddilynn Fellows, ninth.

Pygmy doe, over 1: Natalie Lucas, 43 Ramblers, first; Maddilyn Fellows, second; Kylie Dray, Broken Fences, third.

Pygmy dam and daughter: Maddilyn Fellows, first and second; and Mazzy Speedy, third. Grand champion pygmy:Natalie Lucas; reserve champion, Lelia Sudvary.

Pygmy mature doe: Kaleb Griffith, Purple Circle, first; Maddilynn, second; Kylie Dray, third.


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