Barnhouse print auction will benefit board

READY FOR AUCTION — Chandler Hoffman, a member of the Liberty Gals and Guys 4-H, and Lindsey Zifzal, a member of Friends and Neighbors 4-H, show off the Dave Barnhouse print that will be auctioned following the meal served at the Jefferson County Junior Fair livestock auction on Saturday. Barnhouse has donated a print for many years, with money generated from the sale going to the junior fair activities and needs. Vickie Whinnery is the junior fair coordinator. -- Esther McCoy

SMITIHFIELD — One of the events that has been held at the Jefferson County Junior Fair livestock auction each year has been the auction of a Dave Barnhouse print, which has helped the treasury for members who belong to the junior fair board.

This year the title of the print is called “Big Red,” so named for the gigantic, for those days, red truck parked outside of the Richmond Peterbuilt business.

The “almost-stepped-back-in-time” print features a drive-in food establishment and men who might just be getting off work, gathered around and discussing the events of their day.

Gary Cain usually auctioned off the framed print. Cain, a longtime fair supporter who died Feb. 4 at the age of 81, will be missed for his contributions to the auction. He carried on these duties, at first with the assistance of his father, the late Wendell Cain, and then with the help of his auctioneers and ring men.

The livestock sale committee consists of Ralph Barker, John Campbell, Ronald Carman, Ralph Carter, Chuck Cline, Keith Cline, William Keeder, Henry Carter and Jeff Wood Sr.

The sale order is changed around each year, and this year it will be feeder calves, steers, poultry, rabbits, goats, lambs and pigs, according to Cameron Best, Free Spirits 4-H member. In 2018, he earned super supreme showman for hogs and was awarded most outstanding exhibitor in poultry, beef and swine. He was the 2018 fair prince.

The county agricultural officers are include Ray Hilderbrand, president; Dick Rine, vice president,; Linda Daily, secretary; and Debbie Hukill, treasurer. Members with expiring terms are Robert Bailey, Carl Bonecutter, Gail Rine, William Keeder, Bonnie Randolph, Rick Shell and Glenn Wood.

The election of directors for the Jefferson County Agricultural Society will be held from noon to 8 p.m. Thursday in the secretary’s office. Membership is required to participate in the election.

The work that began last fall is now in place and it’s time for the fair to begin.