Municipal court

The following cases were cleared, court costs added, in Steubenville Municipal court with Judge John Mascio presiding:

Antoinette D. Altieri, 30, 907 Adams St., petit theft, 30 days in jail suspended, $200; Lindsey M. Brent, 34, 742 Broadway Blvd., speeding, $75, no license, $100; Joseph P. Ferrante, 20, Geneva, marijuana possession, marijuana drug paraphernalia, to complete diversion program; Corey L. Francis, 28, 109 township Road 381, Steubenville, domestic violence, amended to disorderly conduct, one day in jail, $250, drug possession, dismissed; S

ydney J. Jones, 24, Martins Ferry, attempted drug abuse, one day in jail, $1,000; Tyler S. Lowe, 25, 110 Rhodes St., Dillonvale, attempted drug abuse, one day in jail, $250, obstructing official business, $250; Victoria E. Maloney, 56, 246 Lincoln Ave., Mingo Junction, driving with license suspended for OVI, 10 days in jail suspended, $250; Charles Pappas Jr., 59, Burgettstown, speeding, $70;

Leozie Pearson III, 53, Apartment 210, 707 Market St., criminal trespass, one day in jail, 15 hours community service; Anton D. Richardson, 27, 1225 Ridge Ave., expired license, $50; Tramone Thompson, 30, Martins Ferry, driving with license suspended for OVI, dismissed, no turn signal, $150; Carl A. Thorn, 57, 709 Pine St., disorderly conduct, intoxication, one day in jail; Mylee M. Myers, 36, 2636 Alvarado Blvd., violation of protection order, one day in jail;

Michael J. Jones, 28, 218 township Road 250, Toronto, probation violation, drug abuse instrument, 45 days in jail; Lawrence K. Miller Jr., 21, 828 Rosswell Ave., suspended license, three days in jail, expired plates, $50; Sean A. Moodie, 44, 250 Morningside Drive, Wintersville, no license, $150; Robert P. Westlake, 45, Joffre, Pa., liquor consumption in motor vehicle, $100, red light, $50;

James A. Randalson, 50, 406 N. Sixth St., petit theft, 30 days in jail; Taylor P. Stone, 23, 218 township Road 250, Amsterdam, suspended license, $250, expired plates, $50; Mathieu L. Warf, 38, Mount Vernon, Ky., petit theft, 30 days in jail suspended, $300; Shawn A. Clemens, 45, Apartment 2, 627 N. Fifth St., disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, 90 days in jail; Stanley E. Cox, 66, Apartment 303, 214 N. Fourth St., OVI, three days in jail, $500, one year license suspension; Ashley M. Adams, 32, 725 Rosswell Ave., no license, $100; Perrier D. Coleman, 23, 742 Woodlawn Road, marijuana possession, $100, no turn signal, $50; Dennis W. Holden, 44, 545 Allegheny St., Follansbee, expired plates, $50; Ricki A. Hooper, 24, 2629 Hollywood Blvd., use of harmful intoxicant, 90 days in jail suspended, 18 hours community service; Delbert P. Kernen, 47, Lot 27, 401 Labelle St., Brilliant, petit theft, three days in jail suspended, $250.

Harold L. Baker, 63, 43 Fresno Drive, Weirton, no license, $100; expired plates, $50; Joshua J. Fayak, 37, 214 Ravine St., attempted drug abuse, probation violation, 30 days in jail; James E. Griffin Jr., 37, Gary, Ind., suspended license, $250, red light, $100; Dale M. Grover Jr., 37, 1415 Belleview Blvd., no license, $100; Noah R. Martin, 21, 157 Cathy Drive, Wintersville, petit theft, one day in jail, 50 hours community service;

Allison M. Owings, 38, 4129 Wells St., Weirton, falsification, 30 days in jail suspended, $500; Leslie A. Palmer, 38, 419 Union Ave., two counts dog at large, $200; David B. Plemmons, 20, 1507 Ridge Ave., felony vandalism, amended to criminal mischief, nine days in jail, 180 hours community service;

Jade M. Rush, 31, Bulger, Pa., drug paraphernalia, 30 days in jail suspended, $250, no turn signal, $50; Heather L. Westling, 44, 6964 state Route 150, Dillonvale, expired plates, $25; Anthony G. Pathis, 30, 1302 Belleview Blvd., drug paraphernalia, three days in jail, suspended license, $200;

Alisha D. Bonar, 28, no fixed address, open container in motor vehicle, six hours community service; Amanda D. Burger, 43, 120 West Blvd., Mingo Junction, attempted drug abuse, dismissed upon completion of diversion program; James P. Deroam, 36, Barnesville, expired license, $50; Ashley A. Everhart, 27, 310 McLister Ave., Mingo Junction, attempted drug abuse, possession of drugs, obstructing official business, two days in jail, 30 hours community service;

Angela J. Foster, 40, 836 Charles St., Wellsburg, stop sign, dismissed; Eileen C. Ledyard, 86, 626 Oxford Blvd., failure to yield right of way, $25; Tami Y. Parker, 44, 807 McCord Hill Road, Wellsburg, attempted drug abuse, drug paraphernalia, seven days in jail, $500; Christopher L. Temple, no age listed, 251 Hallock Ave., Mingo Junction, failure to yield the right of way, $50; Guy V. Thomas, 28, 2629 Hollywood Blvd., felonious assault, amended to assault, resisting arrest, 45 days in jail; Natosha R. Waldrum, 32, Wheeling, no license, $50; and Brandy M. West, 27, 3218 St. Charles Drive, probation violation, three days in jail, 18 hours community service.

Monique Dejaro, 28, 1214 Glencairn Road, Weirton, faulty exhaust, $50, no turn signal, $50, drug abuse instrument, 30 days in jail, 18 hours community service; Harold Fields, 51, 525 Railroad Ave., no license, $100, expired plates, $50; Deanna K. Martin, 36, Steubenville, open container, six hours community service; Christine P. Smith, 62, 121 Pico St., petit theft, to complete diversion program, 12 hours community service;

Aaron P. Fisher, 31, 619 Grandview Ave., probation violation, drug paraphernalia, three days in jail; Jason W. Geary, 33, Apartment 408, 180 N. Fourth St., disorderly conduct while intoxicated, two days in jail, $50; Jacob T. Nale, 25, 1129 Neville St., Follansbee, drug abuse instrument, one day in jail, 18 hours community service; Joshua M. Vein, 31, Cadiz, probation violation, three days in jail;

William L. Adams, 59, Apartment 1, 207 S. Fourth St., assault, dismissed due to lack of cooperation of complainant; Kandice M. Bragg, 27, 2110 Weir Ave., Weirton, no license, $100, no turn signal, $50; Jacob G. Brost, 19, 2025 Commercial St., Mingo Junction, domestic violence, to complete diversion program;

Michael W. Brost, 47, 546 Arden Ave., domestic violence, to complete diversion program; Gregory J. Burkey, 47, 322 Virginia Ave., suspended license, $200; Tanner J. Carroll, 24, 605 N. Webster Alley, domestic violence, 16 days in jail; Derrick K. Nesbitt, 58, 723 South St., open container, $100; Elizabeth H. Sheets, 39, 517 Dresden Ave., no dog registration, $25; Kelci C. Walters, 27, 959 Sherman Ave., probation violation, drug abuse instrument, 30 days in jail.

Otis Allen Jr., 42, no fixed address, criminal trespass, 10 days in jail; Daytin K. Fuller, two counts domestic violence, amended to disorderly conduct, 10 days in jail; Shawn G. Gill, 49, 329 Maxwell Ave., disorderly conduct, three days in jail; Terry L. Green Jr., 29, 612 Logan Ave., Mingo Junction, suspended license, $200; Dwight J. Macon, 26, 600 Dresden Ave., red light, $50; Levi K. Thompson, 19, 835 N. Fourth St., speeding, $90;

Joshua A. Fordham, 25, 111 McDowell Ave., red light, $50; Juliette R. Harton, 54, 521 Maxwell Ave., attempted drug abuse, resisting arrest, two counts drug paraphernalia, OVI, 90 days in jail;

Mary J. Baker, 26, 1328 Wellesley Ave., attempted drug abuse, 10 days in jail; Jason L. Rawson, 38, Canonsburg, Pa., faulty exhaust, costs; and Dakota Taylor, 23, 807 Virginia Ave., Follansbee, no license, $50.


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