Dauch leading Harrison Fair

Esther McCoy LEADING FAIR — Lynette Dauch is the first female president of the Harrison County Agricultural Society in its 172 years. She was named upon the retirement of Don Jones when he was elected state representative. Honorary fair board directors include Billy Birney, auctioneer; Eric Horn, deceased; Richard Spiker, deceased; Roy Hines; Wood Thompson: and Alan Simpson. The election of directors will be held on from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. -- Esther McCoy

CADIZ — The first time, a woman is serving as president of the Harrison County Fair department heads.

Lynette Dauch of Tippecanoe is leading the officers and directors for the 172nd event.

She has been involved in the operations of the event for nine years. She also saw how things were operating in the junior fair division during her many years as a member of the Stitch and Stock 4-H Club.

And, she was present at the fair when her sons, John and Matthew, were members of the Blue Ribbon General 4-H Club.

Now her husband, Benny, will be “the first man” as he goes about his travels around the fair grounds.

During her first year as a director with the fair, she compiled the fair book, not an easy thing to do with all the dates, dollar numbers and the right spelling of club and individual names and advertisers.

“We all do our thing, whatever needs to be done,” she explained.

Her expertise is in the swine department. The Dauch couple raised hogs on their farm, so this is a plus for her.

When asked what had changed during the years she has been on the board, Dauch explained that camping on the grounds is growing and that Gregg Sproull is doing an excellent job in this area, with more than 70 campers this year.

“We have some renovation projects with CIC grants after this fair is over,” she said. One of these is the horse barn project where 4-H members and others horseman house their animals during the fair.

An auction of the goodies entered in the Eighth Department baked goods and confections area started less than nine years ago and Dauch is always there making bids and buying some of the funny pottery items that members see during the year and bring to the bidding. There are some plates with funny sayings, or pictures depicted that are hung up in an unsuspecting animal owners stall and there is loads of laughing in the corner where the department head bidders plan their comedic strategies.

The “prez” has also spent 24 years working at the Milleson Insurance Agency and will go back to that when all is cleaned up after the fair is over.

“Then it will be planning for 2020,” she noted.

The fair opens today and will run through Saturday.


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