Weirton Traffic Commission to study request over speeding concerns

IRTON — Members of the Weirton Traffic Commission decided Thursday to look further into a proposal from a member of Weirton Council in an effort to slow traffic in a residential area.

The commission was presented with a request from Ward 6 Councilman Enzo Fracasso for the installation of rumble strips on the section of South 13th Street, between Wetzel Street and Summers Street. Fracasso’s request explained there was a concern by one resident in the area about speeding vehicles.

Chairman Romie Castelli noted South 13th Street is one-way, saying he believes a lot of the traffic is heading to the Weir High and Weir Middle schools campus.

Members said other options could be available in an effort to deter speeding in the area, including the installation of new stop signs.

“We could start with that,” Castelli said.

Commissioners also suggested having police officers patrol the area, saying there are alternatives available to installing rumble strips every time speeding is a concern in the city.

“Every street will be requesting rumble strips,” Commissioner Dave Guglielmo said.

In addition to further discussion of those options, commissioners said they need to reach out to other residents, instead of basing a decision on a request from one individual.

“I want to hear what the rest of the people are saying,” Castelli said, explaining there are eight houses and five apartment buildings on the street.

In other business, the commission:

¯ Recommended a request for a residential handicap parking space at 3328 Orchard St., at the request from resident Lonnie Kirkpatrick;

¯ Recommended rescinding a residential handicap parking space for 417 S. 17th St.

According to City Clerk DeeAnn Pulliam, the request came from the current resident, who moved into the home five years ago. The space was established in 2003.

Pulliam noted she plans to inventory all of the residential handicap spaces in the city to see how many of them are still being used by the resident to whom they are registered.


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