Housing board seeks social media presence

STEUBENVILLE — The Ohio Valley Fair Housing Practices Commission soon will have a social media presence.

Board members Monday voted unanimously to appoint Jackie Hines to be social media commissioner.

Hines, who could not attend the meeting because of other commitments, will oversee Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Urban Projects Director Chris Petrossi told the board to think of social media as “another way to communicate.”

“People don’t just get information anymore by coming to our seminars,” Petrossi said prior to Monday’s vote. “It’s important for the future that Ohio Valley Fair Housing Center move toward a great social media presence.”

He pointed out the Steubenville Fair Housing Commission already has a website presence through the city, at cityofsteubenville.us/fair-housing.

Petrossi also reminded board members they’ll have to host a public hearing in June concerning their updated Impediments to Fair Housing, an assessment of how laws, government policies, real estate practices and local conditions affect the location, availability and accessibility of housing. The document typically highlights areas where corrective actions might broaden housing options.

He also said the Ohio Civil Rights Commission found no probable cause for a discrimination complaint filed against the village of Mingo Junction.

Petrossi said the complainant, who has not been identified, is consulting an attorney to determine whether to pursue litigation “against the village and various individuals in the vicinity” of her home.

He said only that the complaint was race-based and dealt with alleged actions by the village and her neighbors.