Destination Imagination team at ICHS prepares to compete on global stage

DESTINATION KANSAS CITY — The Indian Creek High School Destination Imagination Team Brick is headed to the Global Finals in Kansas City, Mo., from May 21-26. Competing in the event will be, from left, Carrie Buzzard, team director; Wendy Fisher, team director; Crystal Fisher; Kira Petrosky; Michael Buzzard; Sydney Melia; Jonathan Goreman; and Lori Petrosky, team director. -- Amy Neeley

WINTERSVILLE — Destination Imagination is an international nonprofit educational competition dedicated to inspiring the next generation of innovators, leaders and creative problem solvers.

Five of those innovators are at Indian Creek High School.

The ICHS DI team Brick won at the state competition and is now headed to the global finals in Kansas City, Mo., to compete with teams from all over the country and the world May 21-26.

The team members include Crystal Fisher, Kira Petrosky, Michael Buzzard, Sydney Melia and Jonathan Goreman. Their directors are Carrie Buzzard, Wendy Fisher and Lori Petrosky. The team adviser is Mary Louise Morgan.

Team members said they are excited and ready to take on this challenge.

“We worked really hard for this,” Goreman said. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance.”

“It’s great,” Crystal Fisher said. “We get to meet different people from different cultures. We get to learn new things.”

“We have all been doing this for at least three years,” Kira Petrosky said.

Michael Buzzard said he has been on a team with Goreman and Petrosky for three years, but has been on other teams as well.

“I am the only one who has been to state and global before,” he said.

Melia said she has taken part in the competition for four years and Crystal Fisher has been on five teams.

The students will be involved in two types of challenges at the event — the central challenge and the instant challenge.

The group has been meeting every Sunday to work on the “central challenge,” which is a skit that combines their creative and scientific sides.

“We are driven by the creative process,” Goreman said.

“We use a lot of improv in our skit,” Kira Petrosky said. “If we forget our lines, we just keep going and play off of each other.”

“We never stop,” Michael Buzzard said.

Melia told a story of a prop that wouldn’t work at first.

She kept hitting the start button and then realized it was turned off.

“I said, ‘Well, I guess I should try turning it on,'” she said. “Everyone was laughing but inside I was dying.”

In the state competition the team did a skit about a woman in medieval times whose larynx was slowly turning into a musical instrument.

The group studied medical cases to get the idea for their original illness: Unconscious laryngeal virosis.

“We learned a whole bunch of medical terms,” Crystal Fisher said.

The team created a set for the skit that included a giant pop-up book featuring a castle.

They also created a human head powered by pneumatics to show the larynx turning from normal into the instrument. It also made the frontal lobe light up to show the connection between the brain and the disease.

Pneumatics is a branch of engineering that makes use of gas or pressurized air. Kira Petrosky said they originally tried to use hydraulics, which would have used pressurized water to turn things, but they switched.

“Using water was really hard,” she said.

For the global competition, the students are creating a new skit.

The instant challenge is something the students will be asked to solve without prior knowledge.

“We don’t know what it is or what we are going to do,” Kira Petrosky said.

“The instant challenge is cold,” Morgan explained. “It is something hands-on that they have to build or create.”

“We use our logical reasoning and problem solving skills,” Michael Buzzard said.

The team has several fundraisers planned to help them make it to the competition.

The will be holding a tag day at Rural King on Friday, a car wash at 10 a.m. April 27 at Arby’s, and a second car wash at Napa Auto Parts in Wellsburg. They are also selling Andy’s Candies in each of the schools in the district.

Donations to the team can be sent to Indian Creek Schools DI Fund, c/o Denise Todoroff, 587 Bantam Ridge Road, Wintersville, OH 43953.