First Ag Baby of 2019

Daxton James Dvorcek is held by his mother, Megan Nestor, shortly after he was born at 1:23 a.m. Tuesday at Trinity Medical Center West to become this year’s Jefferson County Ag Baby. Weighing in at 8 pounds, 12 ounces, Daxton and his mother were joined by Derek Dvorcek, holding Hensley Grace, 2; Debbie Nestor, his grandmother; and Jeanne Roberts, president of the promotion and education committee of the Jefferson County Farm Bureau. The couple is from Mount Pleasant. Each year, the farm bureau recognizes the first baby born at Trinity during agriculture week, which runs through Saturday. The welcome package included baby outfits, diapers, baby soap and shampoo, teething rings and books. Also included were a child-print diaper holder, changing pad and changing apron for the mother to wear, which were made by Roberts. His sister received a book and snacks. The committee also delivered Agriculture Week placemats to restaurants in Wintersville, Steubenville and around the county. The American Farm Bureau-approved book on farming “Right This Very Minute” was read to pupils in 12 elementary schools in the county, and copies of the book were donated to each week. Laurie Labishak, Trinity’s marketing manager, was on hand for the presentation. – Esther McCoy