Many are indicted by county grand jury

STEUBENVILLE — Three men were indicted by the Jefferson County grand jury on Tuesday for allegedly assaulting an officer, with one case involving a defendant reportedly trying to pull an officer’s gun out of the holster.

Montyel M. McClelland, 25, of 200 Center Ave., Mingo Junction, was indicted on four counts of assault on a police officer, a single count of aggravated robbery and misdemeanor counts of domestic violence, aggravated menacing and criminal damaging.

Prosecutor Jane Hanlin said a woman came to the Mingo Junction police station on Dec. 23 about a domestic incident. McClelland then showed up at the station, Hanlin said. A village police officer was trying to keep McClelland and the woman separated when McClelland knocked down the officer and was on top of the officer. Another village police officer jumped on top and was unsuccessful in stopping McClelland with a Taser, Hanlin said.

Two firefighters also jumped onto the pile, and a firefighter was able to choke McClelland into submission, Hanlin said.

During the struggle, Hanlin said the officer on the bottom on the pile yelled that McClelland was trying to remove the officer’s gun from its holster. Hanlin said a person trying to remove a police officer’s gun during a struggle can be charged with aggravated robbery.

Raphael O. Butler, 40, of 161 Christopher Ave., Wintersville, was indicted on two counts of felonious assault.

An off-duty Steubenville police officer was at a bar in the 200 block of South Fourth Street on Nov. 30 when there was an altercation between Butler and another person, Hanlin said. The off-duty officer announced he was a law enforcement officer and tried to intervene when Butler punched the off-duty officer in the face, she said.

William C. Chamberlain, 39, of 136 S. Seventh St. was indicted on a single count of assault on an officer and misdemeanor resisting arrest. Hanlin said the Ohio State Highway Patrol pulled over Chamberlain’s vehicle on Oct. 14 on state Route 7. Chamberlain pushed the trooper against a guardrail and then fled over the median, the patrol reported. Chamberlain was apprehended a short distance away, the patrol reported.

Terrell D. Sayles, 43, of 422 Logan Ave. was indicted on gun and drug charges in connection with a raid at his house by the county drug task force.

Sayles was indicted on three counts of drug trafficking, each with specifications of the drug deals happening near a school and a money forfeiture, one count of possession of cocaine with a major drug offender specification, and two counts of having a weapon as a convicted felon.

Hanlin said more than 100 grams of cocaine and nearly $50,000 was confiscated by the drug task force.

Daryl D. Harrison, 42, of 1253 Lincoln Ave. was indicted in two separate cases.

Harrison was allegedly driving a motorcycle at a high rate of speed on state Route 7 near Steubenville on Aug. 12. A state trooper attempted to pull Harrison over, but the trooper called off the chase when Harrison took an exit into the city

Harrison was indicted on a felony charge of fleeing and eluding in that case.

Harrison also was indicted on two counts of having a weapon as a convicted felon and one count each of receiving stolen property, tampering with evidence and improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle.

City Police were called around 1 p.m. on Dec. 13 to a business parking lot in the 2200 block of Sunset Boulevard about two people, one of them reportedly being Harrison, sitting inside a vehicle.

An officer said he smelled burned marijuana coming from the vehicle and saw a marijuana blunt on the driver’s door rest.

Officers then began searching the vehicle and found a bullet and then a 9 mm pistol and gun magazine on the floor under the passenger seat.

The gun was reported stolen out of the city the day before.

Two women were indicted for allegedly trying to bring drugs into the county jail when they were being processed.

Brandi N. DiEdwards, 30, of 202 Basil Drive, Weirton, was indicted on charges of illegal conveyance of drugs into a detention facility, possession of drugs and tampering with evidence.

Sasha E. Ely, 36, of 550 Steubenville Pike, Burgettstown was indicted on charges of illegal conveyance of drugs into a detention facility, possession of drug paraphernalia, tampering with evidence and two counts of drug possession.

James R. Ring, 35, of Apartment B, 209 Garden Ave., Yorkville, was indicted in a methamphetamine production case. He was charged with illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of methamphetamine, illegal manufacture of methamphetamine and possession of drugs.

Keiland D. Williams, 31, of 1419 Orchard Ave. was indicted after a raid by the county drug task force at his residence. Williams was indicted on three counts of drug possession, two counts of drug trafficking and one count of having a weapon as a convicted felon.

Anthony T. Dixon, 42, of 425 Clinton Ave. was indicted after a raid by the drug task force. Dixon was indicted on six counts of drug trafficking, each with a school specification, and one count of having a gun as a convicted felon.

Michael D. Crawford, 52, of 400 Third St., Stratton, was indicted on a charge of felonious assault. Hanlin said Crawford assaulted his girlfriend on Nov. 21, resulting in serious facial injuries.

Two women were charged with illegally buying guns for a person who was not allowed to be in possession of a firearm.

Arabia M. Jett, 26, of 1205 Oak Grove Ave. and Milikia D. Terry, 27, of Apartment 36, 405 Colonial Drive each were charged with unlawful transaction in weapons.

Jay Katherine Giacobbi, 42, of 743 Lovers Lane was indicted on a charge of felony operating a vehicle under the influence.

Tyler J. Pesta, 22, of 631 Lincoln Ave. was indicted on two counts of theft and one count of receiving stolen property, a stolen handgun.

Ta’Shey M. Fuller, 23, of 376 Summit Ave. was indicted on a count of drug possession.

Shawn L. Williamson, 39, of 234 Westlake Lane, New Cumberland, was indicted on a felony theft charge.