Follansbee officials meet

FOLLANSBEE — Kids in the area hope to no longer be in a league of their own come spring.

Michael Bachinski, representing the Follansbee Baseball Association, addressed Follansbee Council Tuesday, seeking permission to combine the baseball association with the Follansbee Softball Association this year.

“I think you guys are aware some of the leadership in the softball association has changed over the years,” said Mayor David Velegol. “We’ve lost a lot of teams, and it’s almost like a travel squad as opposed to our own league.”

Bachinski has plans to change that, stating that although it is not needed, combining the two associations is what he thinks is best for both the city and youth.

“Last year we had three teams,” noted Bachinski. “Management wasn’t there, maintenance wasn’t there. My offer was ‘Hey, why don’t we just lump it together.’ Same treasurer, same president — everything is together. We would intermix too, so it’s all one group.”

Bachinski also said he believes it would be beneficial from a tournament perspective, since there would be another field available.

Velegol said that based on the council’s feedback, the prospect of combining the leagues looks promising.

In other business addressed by council, there will be a pre-construction meeting regarding the Allegheny Street span involving Allegheny Street and Main Street. The meeting is set for Tuesday.

“The traffic on Allegheny and Main streets will be affected,” said City Manager John DeStefano, who made clear that Main Street is not in good shape and is need of repair.

Construction is expected to take place in April, according to officials.

On a separate issue, the council discussed hiring engineers to do a hydrological study on Allegheny Creek which will cost about $83,000.

The goal of the study is to find out what is feeding the water outside the city boundaries, explained Velegol.

“We will go to the counties, state and federal (officials) and explain these aren’t waters generated within this city, and we don’t have the means to treat or handle them,” the mayor said.

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