Park board members approved

MEETING — County Commissioner Tim Ennis conducted Tuesday’s Brooke County Commission meeting at the courthouse.

WELLSBURG — The Brooke County commissioners on Tuesday discussed issues, including members of the park board.

Jill Nixon, Walter Ferguson and Luke Diserio were approved as continuing members of the park board, with Chapman Neely being a new addition.

When the floor opened, Franklin Fire Chief Jerry Narigon expressed his grievances with the dispatch radio systems.

“I know dispatch is doing their job,” said Narigon. “So, there has to be something wrong with the panel or radio system. There has been some issues where we get to a location and don’t have back-up, putting us in a situation we are not equipped to handle correctly.”

The commissioners plan to address the problems, which Narigon expects to be expensive, since the solution will be “moving us into this century,” he said.

In other matters, resident Butch Rotellini brought up a potentially dangerous situation at Brooke High School.

“They have a guy in the middle of the road with just a yellow vest and flashlight,” said Rotellini. “They need to put a spotlight on him, or he is going to get killed.”

Sheriff Larry Palmer said he will contact the superintendent concerning the situation.

West Virginia Extension agent Norman Schwertfeger reminded the board of the volunteer recognition program in April.

The goal for the program is to recognize and increase volunteerism within the community.

“I want you all to think of programs available for people to volunteer with, kind of like a recruitment thing,” Schwertfeger said.

In other business:

¯ Ruby Greathouse, president of the Brooke County Pioneer Trail Association, reminded the public that the trail from Wellsburg to Beech Bottom is closed.

It will be closed for at least a year while crews build a retaining wall near the future site of the new Ohio River bridge. Greathouse said the wall will address a slip along the highway that has exposed former trolley tracks beneath the road and caused cinders and other material to be washed onto the trail.

¯ The board also approved a motion that requires the county to match 50 percent of a Brooke Hills Park grant, which will enhance recreational opportunities at the pool.