Marijuana dispensary near opening

READY TO OPEN — Ashley Miller, the manager and local state representative for Cresco Labs’ CY-Plus cannabis dispensary, showed off the retail area of the shop located at 180 Main St. in Wintersville. The dispensary had its final inspection Wednesday before the state will give the green light to open. -- Amy Neeley

WINTERSVILLE — Cresco Labs Ohio offered the press a sneak peek of CY-Plus, the Wintersville dispensary located at 180 Main St., Tuesday, just a day before the business had its a final inspection with the the Ohio Board of Pharmacy.

The business hopes to have its doors open and products on the shelves for consumers in December. For many dispensaries the delay in operation has been caused by a lack availability of products. In order to be sold in the state, all marijuana must be grown and processed in Ohio.

Cresco has its own lab and greenhouse in Yellow Springs, which gives the company a little bit of a jump on some of the competition.

Thanks to the in-house production, Jourdan Kurtz, executive vice president of retail operations for Cresco, said they should be able to begin selling “pharmaceutical grade marijuana” in the next few weeks, provided the shoppers have a valid medical marijuana card with the state.

Perspective consumers first must meet with a doctor approved by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. The doctor will be able to enter the patient’s information into the patient registry and provide a recommendation. The consumer will get an e-mail from the control program with a link that provides the information and the fees needed to complete the application and get an OMMCP card. The card can either be used electronically with a smart phone or can be printed, according to officials. All cards must be accompanied by valid ID.

Presently the patient registry is not available.

Once these steps are complete, anyone entering the dispensary first will meet with a patient coordinator to verify the patron’s paperwork and identification before allowing them to enter the retail area of the store.

In the retail area, CY-Plus has display cases of various medical marijuana products currently allowed in Ohio. According to the OMMCP Website established by the state, the following forms of medical marijuana are permitted: Oils, tinctures, plant material, edible and patches. The law prohibits the use of medical marijuana by smoking or combustion, but does allow for vaporization.

The retail area is staffed with patient care specialists who are there to assist consumers with purchases.

“We are here for the patient. We take very good care of our people,” Kurtz said. “The patient care specialists are able to recommend what to take for your needs. Our (employees) generally come from a medical profession background.”