Weirton seeking help with lights

WEIRTON — Officials with the Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce continue to look for assistance in storing and displaying community Christmas lights.

The chamber owns and maintains the Christmas light displays that are placed above Main Street and other areas of the city during the holidays, as well as a large display installed on Three Springs Drive.

Chamber President Brenda Mull attended Tuesday’s meeting of Weirton Council to inquire about possible solutions. In the past, municipal electricians would assist with the installation of the lights; however, the city currently does not employ an electrician.

“It’s about a month out, so I’m a little worried,” Mull said.

Mayor Harold Miller said a solution for the electrician position is in the works.

Mull also is concerned about a location to store the lights once the holidays are over. The current storage location will not be available much longer, she explained.

There are more than 60 light displays to hang along the streets, but the large “Weirton” display is of particular concern.

“It comes in three sections and is about 11 feet tall,” Mull said, explaining it also includes 18 toy soldier light displays and a light tree.

She said property owners often are concerned about liability when they are approached about storing the lights.

City Manager Joe DiBartolomeo said he would reach out to some local industries to see if they had any available storage areas the chamber could use.

David Osaba, owner of Electric O, also spoke, offering his business’ assistance with the lights.