Mingo moving forward with purchase of new ambulance

MINGO JUNCTION — Village Council discussed several issues on Tuesday, including moving forward with the purchase of a new ambulance.

Fire Chief John Wright said he will go through the state purchasing program to buy a new ambulance at a cost of $199,904. Village residents in the May primary election approved a 3-mill levy to purchase two new ambulances and other equipment for emergency medical services. The levy, lasting four years, will generate $450,000. Wright prior to the election had estimated the ambulances would cost a total of $380,000.

Wright said he is having more problems with the two current ambulances, with one ambulance being taken out of service because of a mechanical issue.

Council by a vote of 5-1 gave Wright approval to more forward with the ambulance purchase. Wright said the ambulance won’t be delivered for four months. Council still has to determine financing of the ambulance, since the levy money won’t start being received until next year.

Councilman Jeffrey Schuetz voted against moving forward with the ambulance purchase, saying Wright may have added equipment to the ambulance which might not be needed. Wright said the additions are safety items, including locks on the drug boxes.

Village Solicitor Ernest Wilson received the petition from residents in the Sunrise Terrace area to establish a neighborhood conservation district, which will cap the number of rental properties. Wilson said the planning commission will schedule a meeting on the request.

Councilman George Irvin, chairman of council’s water and sewer committee, requested a change in a water and sewer policy to cut down on delinquent accounts. Bills for rental properties are currently in the name of the tenant. Irvin wants the accounts to be in the name of the property owner, who will be responsible for paying delinquent bills.

The village would have to refund all of the $150 deposits paid by renters if the matter is approved.

Council as a whole will discuss Irvin’s request at a meeting at 6:30 p.m. on June 28.

Councilmember Jodilynn Fitzgerald requested that council meetings be filmed and the video placed on the Internet. She believes the filming of the meetings will result in coucilmembers being more professional in how they address each other.

Council will discuss the request further.

Fitzgerald said there is nothing stopping her from having the meetings filmed and posting the videos online.

Schuetz, who owns a funeral home in the village, wants to install a crematory near his business. Wilson said crematories are not allowed in residential areas in the village. Wilson said the crematories have to be located in an industrial area.

Council will meet at 6 p.m. on June 26 to discuss the request.

Village Administrator Bob Smith said he may experiment with chipping and sealing some roads to see how it holds up. Smith said he can chip and seal a road for about $15,000 a mile.

Councilman Jack Brettell rescinded a motion to give Smith a bonus for securing a grant to pave a section of Commercial Avenue.

Council approved an ordinance authorizing Smith to apply for an Ohio Nature Works grant. The grant, in the amount of $24,000, would repave a parking area at Aracoma Park and purchase bleachers for the park.

Wright announced notices were sent to about 36 property owners found to be in violation of property maintenance codes. The owners have 10 to 14 days to cut high weeds or grass or correct other problems or they will be cited into Wintersville county court.

The recreation committee will meet at 6 p.m. on Thursday at the park.

There will be a concert beginning at 6 p.m. on June 24 at the park featuring Twice As Nice. Foods and drinks will be sold by organizations.

The concert is sponsored by Schuetz Funeral Home.


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