Bullet fired through board of elections office window

STEUBENVILLE — City Police recovered a bullet that was fired through a window Thursday afternoon at the Jefferson County Board of Elections office in the Towers building at 500 Market St.

Diane Gribble, county board of elections director, said there was a loud noise around 4:10 p.m. on Thursday and a board employee said he thought something had come through the south ground-floor window. She said police were notified and responded, with officers finding a hole in a wall in the computer server room.

Gribble said people outside the building said they didn’t hear anything, but she noted the wind was loud and strong at the time.

Police on Friday dug out a bullet from the wall.

Jefferson County Commissioner Thomas Graham said he was told by police the bullet may have traveled 200 to 300 yards and may have been fired from the city’s South End.

Graham said bulletproof glass will be installed on the south-facing windows of the board of elections office. He noted security will be increased at the building.

City Manager Jim Mavromatis said police are continuing the investigation to determine if the shot was randomly fired by someone.

Gribble said police had no reports of shots being fired around that time.

“I don’t want people to be afraid to come to the board of elections,” she said.

Graham said he was thankful nobody was hurt.

“The police are getting to the bottom of it. It hurts the image of all of downtown. We are trying to improve the image by what we are doing at the Towers and the work on the parking lot there. I’m just hoping it was a random shot. It is a shame,” Graham said.

(Law can be contacted at mlaw@heraldstaronline.com.)


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