Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Bad reaction: An 18-year-old caught vaping in a school bathroom allegedly threatened to shoot the school up after he was suspended for vaping, Friday. Aaron Carmine, 18, 214 Petrock Ave., Mingo Junction, was charged with inducing panic. Deputies said Carmine told them he was just angry and “had no intentions of really shooting up the school.”

Argument: A Bloomingdale woman said she and her live-in argued when he found out her mother was coming over to pick her up to go grocery shopping, Saturday. She said the two don’t get along, and every time her mother comes over to see her or her kids, they fight. Her godmother was present and said the man became so upset he pulled the blinds down in the living room so her mother couldn’t see into their home or see her grandchildren.

Steubenville police

Exit interview: A Colliers landlord wanted police to help her evict a tenant from a Ridge Avenue property, Wednesday. She said the man hasn’t paid his rent in months and the utilities have been turned off, and pointed out that she’d written a “self-evict” clause into the contract that she’d exercised in November but the tenant ignored the eviction notice and forced his way in. Police told her they can only enforce evictions signed by a judge, and in the meantime, she should document all unpaid rent, utilities and damages. The tenant told them he was in the process of moving out.


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