Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Touchy: A Lovers Lane resident said a man broke her windshield after a dispute at his home in Richmond, Monday. He denied breaking her window, telling deputies she’d cracked it herself when she hit a deer. He said she was at his house but “went ballistic” when she saw his screensaver. When she grabbed his AR-15 from his kitchen table he said he grabbed the barrel because he thought she was going to shoot him. He said they wrestled for control of the gun, with the fight spilling out onto his back porch. He said he eventually got the weapon off her after his dog bit her, but not before she fired what he thought was three rounds off and said as she was leaving. she threw a rock at his house, chipping his siding. Deputies said they found five casings and confiscated his AR-15 as evidence in the possible commission of a crime, which worried the man who said he feared she’d return with her gun and he wouldn’t have a weapon to defend himself.

Booked: Diana Shelburne, 69, 366 Rosemont Ave., Steubenville, warrant for theft, Tuesday; John L. Windon Jr., 60, 329 Frostview Drive, Wintersville, domestic violence, Monday; Michael Chapman, 70, Steubenville, parole violation, Tuesday.


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