Police reports

Mingo Junction police

Incident: Devon Bellum, 34, 325 Fernwood Drive, Wintersville, was taken into custody by Mingo Junction police and sheriff’s deputies on charges of felonious assault, having a weapon under disability (pending) and conveying into a detention facility, Sunday. Callers had reported two men fighting in a tavern on McClister Avenue, telling authorities one of them had punched a man and pulled a black and silver pistol out of his pants before fleeing when he found out they’d called 911. The victim identified his assailant, as did a witness, and authorities said they located the vehicle he was said to be driving outside a Grandview Avenue residence, where Bellum was taken into custody when officers spotted him returning to his car. The homeowner said Bellum had come to his door but realized he was drunk and turned him away, and gave authorities permission to search his porch, where police found a black and silver Smith & Wesson pistol.

Jefferson County sheriff

Concerning: An “obviously intoxicated” woman was found on the porch of a residence in Yorkville, Sunday. The homeowner didn’t know her uninvited visitor, and deputies said they could smell alcohol on her and she appeared unsteady on her feet, and said she told them she didn’t know where she was and that she was supposed to be in Wheeling. She told deputies she’d been at a costume party in Martins Ferry with her boyfriend, who was supposed to take her back to Wheeling after, but she had no idea where he’d gone. The last thing she remembered was beginning to fall asleep at the party, and deputies said she was unable to provide the names of her friends, the location of the party or her boyfriend’s number. Due to her disheveled appearance, officers were concerned she’d been assaulted but she denied being attacked and refused a rape examination even though the homeowner reported hearing a male voice on her porch before deputies arrived.

Turbulent: Paul Wayne Haught, 58, 4592 County Road 26, Steubenville, was taken into custody on a domestic violence charge, Saturday. Haught allegedly threw chairs, breaking a ceiling fixture, and also punched the hood of a car, leaving a dent, at his home after an evening spent drinking shots at local establishments, according to the report.

Upheaval: Jason Michael Willsie, 41, 122 Madison Ave., Mingo Junction, was charged with domestic violence, Saturday. Willsie allegedly was talking with his girlfriend’s roommate when he reportedly “out of nowhere” became angry, breaking a window with his girlfriend’s makeup mirror. He also knocked a coffee table over, deputies said.

Harassment: A Smithfield resident says his son’s ex-girlfriend is calling his house around the clock and hanging up, Friday. He also said she hacked into his son’s Facebook account and found a video that she sent to other people in his friend’s list and is calling his wife’s cellphone.

Forced: A Dillonvale woman told medical professionals that her male roommate told her if she didn’t let him have sex, he’d kick her out and she wouldn’t have a place to live, Friday. When police tried to talk to her, she refused to pursue charges.

Incident: A staff member at the McCollogough’s Children’s Home said a juvenile threw a cabinet door open and hit her in the face, Sunday. She said the juvenile denied throwing it and said the staff “needed to stop taking things so seriously.”

DIY overload: A couple in Rayland was fighting over renovation projects that weren’t finished, Sunday. Deputies were told the dispute was strictly verbal and the male would be spending the night elsewhere.

Steubenville police

Pestering: A North Fourth Street resident said someone knocked on her door for two hours, Sunday. She told police she believes the offender was a man but doesn’t have windows and wouldn’t answer the door because she did not want to give (him) the satisfaction.

Pushed too far: A Sunset Boulevard resident who has been living apart from her husband a few days said he lost his temper when she refused to let him inside their duplex to retrieve his video game system, Sunday. She said he punched the side window of her car until it shattered, then kicked the door to the duplex in.

Theft: A vehicle parked in the 1300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue was stolen, Sunday. The owner believes he knows the individual who took it.

Ransacked: A Euclid Avenue resident told police a Milwaukee grinder and a breaker bar are missing from the trunk of his vehicle, parked in the 1400 block of Euclid Avenue, Sunday. He said car alarms went off, and when he and another individual came out to check on their vehicles, he saw an individual wearing a dark hoodie and blue jeans flee toward Ohio Street.

Confronted: Two individuals who spotted a man who they think has been behind the theft of several items that belong to them say he ran inside a residence in the 600 block of North Fifth Street, Sunday. One of them said she’d seen the man try to get in her car the day before, and told police she’d attempt to retrieve surveillance footage of the attempted entry.

Booked: Brandon McLaughlin, 40, 308 Miller Ave., Apt. 9A, Weirton, possession of drug paraphernalia and petit theft warrant, Sunday.

Summoned: Shannon L. Lucas, 30, 1127 Wilson Ave., Steubenville, possession of drug paraphernalia, Friday.

Cited: Ch’mar Deffenbaugh, 22, no address listed, failure to maintain control, Sunday. Deffenbaugh was cited after she lost control of her 2011 Nissan Ultima in the 600 block of Brady Avenue, skidding in some grass and crashing into a concrete wall.

Ignored: A vehicle issued a pink warning card several weeks ago in the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue was still where it had been left, though the warning ticket was gone, Friday. Police towed the vehicle.

Wells township police

Booked: Donald Merritt, 25, 200 Isabelle St, Brilliant, assault, Saturday; David M. FIthen, 58, 200 Labelle St., Brilliant, assault, Saturday.

Toronto police

Lacey Amoh, 32, 505 Clark St., Toronto, two counts child endangerment, Saturday; Joshua Schiffman, 38, 903 Euclid Ave., Toronto, OVI, Sunday.


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