Police reports

Brooke County sheriff

Arrested: Charles R. Latimer, 35, 515 Frederick St., Follansbee, possession of a controlled substance, Monday.

Arrested: Douglas W. Michael, 50, 404 Lee Road, Follansbee, driving while license revoked for driving under the influence and reckless driving, Friday.

Arrested: Bradley J. Patchin, 32, 111 Clearview Drive, Weirton, driving under the infleuence and driving while suspended for DUI, Oct. 7.

Arrested: Becky J. Mahley, 47, 1901 Northview Road, Wellsburg, driving under the influence with a minor in the vehicle, Oct. 6.

Jefferson County sheriff

Threats: An intoxicated male reportedly threatened employees at a Wintersville area business with a knife, Sunday. Julio Cortes-Melgarejo, 35, no fixed address, was booked into the county jail on pending charges of aggravated menacing after he allegedly threatened other employees, putting a knife to the neck of one of them. Witnesses said he was “very intoxicated.”

Dog injured: A Toronto woman said her neighbors swerved into her yard and ran over her dog, then continued on their way, Friday. She said she’d taken her dog out so it wasn’t on the leash but it was still in her yard. Deputies said the dog had blood on both front paws and a mark on its chin. Deputies were unable to make contact with the neighbors to find out their side of the story.

Taken: A Smithfield township (Adena) resident told deputies someone stole a .12 Ithaca shotgun, a sling and about $30 in change from his residence, Saturday. The homeowner said he’d been away, and when he returned he noticed his sliding glass door was ajar and all his kitchen cabinets opened. He said his bedroom drawers also were ransacked.

Go time: An Island Creek township (Steubenville) resident told deputies he allowed a man to stay at his property overnight, then couldn’t get him to leave, Sunday. He said he told the man it was time for him to leave but he kept coming into his house. Deputies located the man outside the residence, sitting in the homeowner’s truck. He said he was waiting for a ride. He was told when his ride came, not to return or he’d be arrested.

Gone: An Island Creek township woman wanted her live-in boyfriend to leave her apartment, but when she opened the door to greet deputies he fled out the back door, Saturday. He said he ran “because he didn’t do anything and was scared.” His girlfriend said he’s “crazy and shoved her against the wall.” She declined to give a written statement, though, so the deputy collected the man’s clothing and took him to a friend’s house.

Booked: Scott Matthew Linger, 30, 523 Grant St., Newell, possession of drugs, Friday. Deputies spotted Linger walking along the road carrying a guitar, and when they stopped to make sure he was OK they noticed a pipe sticking out of his pocket. They said he had methamphetamine concealed in a dollar bill folded in a cigarette pack and also in a Copenhagen can, according to the report.

Booked: Richard Gardner, 31, St. Clairsville, contempt, Saturday; Michael Pope, 51, New Philadelphia, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and assault (pending), Saturday.

Steubenville police

Problematic: A Lawson Avenue resident discussed the possibility of putting his pre-teen child on probationary supervision with police, Monday. He said he’s been having “ongoing issues” with the child, telling police there was not a major violation that prompted the decision to seek their advice but a “long list of small thefts, lies and unruliness over the past three weeks.” Police advised the parent of the necessary documentation, and spoke with the child of the consequences of the thefts, lies and unrulineness.

Not welcome: Two juveniles snuck into a backyard pool on Belleview Boulevard, but the owner said it had just been winterized and closed, Monday. He said the chemicals in the pool are extremely harmful to get on the skin, so when he heard voices in his back yard Monday morning and spotted kids under the winter cover he was concerned. He said intruders could be injured or worse if they get trapped in the pool. He described his uninvited guests as males aged 10-13. It’s the second time the homeowner’s pool has been crashed in the past week.

Disagreement: A female claimed she was cleaning a residence in the 600 block of Prospect when she was struck by one of the two men living there, Monday. She said the man had been banging on his nephew’s door and when the nephew came out, claims he took a swing at him with half a pool stick. She said she grabbed the stick, so he punched her in the chin once and when she went outside he struck her in the face with a closed fist. When police pointed out she had no visible injuries, she told them the man was weak. The nephew claimed his uncle had been harassing him and several of the woman’s friends who witnessed the incident said they saw the older man attack her, though police noted they got details wrong and one of them “quickly changed her story.” The uncle told them he’d been “constantly harassed” by his nephew, the female and their friends because he’s planning to evict the younger man from his home. The nephew and the female gathered some belongings and left the residence. The nephew later came on station to accuse the uncle of using meth, stealing money from him and threatening him, claiming he “just stole his wallet with $120 and hid it somewhere outside.” Both men are on the deed to the residence. Earlier this week, the two housemates argued over stolen cigarettes ended when one of the men returned them.


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