Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Puzzling: A Martins Ferry woman wearing a bathrobe was sitting on the curb in front of a gas station in Tiltonsville yelling at herself, Sunday. She told deputies a cab had dropped her off at the station earlier in the day and she’d called for another to take her back but it never came. After the station closed, she said her cell phone died so she couldn’t call for another ride and was stranded. Deputies drove her to a gas station in Martins Ferry.

Charges filed: A Bloomingdale man was taken into custody Sunday after allegedly pulling a gun on a driver for a gas company. Jeffrey David Peckens, 60, 4979 State Route 646, Bloomingdale, was charged with aggravated menacing and having weapons while intoxicated, deputies reported. The driver, a New Philadelphia resident, said Peckens pulled his four-wheeler across the access road, yelled at him and called him an expletive several times, and at one point pulled out a snub-nosed gun. The driver told deputies he couldn’t say for sure Peckens pointed the gun at him because he put his head down, “but when he lifted his head up again the man still had it in his hand.” Peckens told deputies he was checking his fence when the driver “began yelling at him and flipping him off.” He claimed he was standing by his barn and saw the driver exit his truck and, fearing for his life and property, pulled his gun. He admitted having had several beers, deputies said. The driver told deputies the company could provide them with video footage of part of the incident.

Disturbance: Officers dispatched to serve a warrant on a 17-year-old for a probation violation said he was showing signs of impairment and talking to himself, Sunday. The youth said he was coming down from speed, cocaine and methamphetamine.


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