Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Beatle mania: A Richmond woman said her husband took exception to her singing and punched her, Friday. She said they’d been riding their ATVs and drinking, and when their 4-wheeler broke down they went back for their side-by-side to bring it back. On the way home she said she started belting out a Beatles tune and he didn’t like it and told her to shut up, multiple times. When she didn’t, he hit her with his closed fist, leaving a mark on her. She reached for her phone to call a friend for help and he grabbed the phone out of her hand, so she ran into the house and tried to lock herself in, but he managed to get in anyway. She fled to a neighbor’s house, deputies said.

Dog-gone mean: A Tiltonsville woman told deputies her neighbor screamed obscenities at her dog, Sunday. She said she tries to take her dog out when the other woman isn’t outside but can’t always avoid her. The woman has made comments about having a bow and arrow, and when deputies came to her residence to speak with her, they said she wouldn’t answer the door but said she did scream concerning comments at them.

Booked: A 30-year-old Mingo Junction man was charged with domestic violence Saturday after he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend, then followed her to a neighbor’s house and threatened to go home for a gun. Larock Price, 262 Hallock Ave., was charged with domestic violence. Deputies said when they called Price out of his residence, he hid behind the door frame “demanding to know why” he was being called out of his home. An officer moved toward the door with his gun drawn and advised him again to come out with his hands up, at which time deputies said Price complied.

Disruption: An Adena woman told deputies juveniles were disrupting a birthday party she was hosting and calling her vulgar names, Saturday. She said she’d tried reaching out to the mother and grandmother of the children, without success. Deputies reached the grandmother who told them her granddaughter had told them a neighbor had yelled at them “for unknown reasons” but neglected to tell her they’d called the woman a derogatory name. She said she would handle the issue and the kids wouldn’t cause any more problems.

Threats: A Dillonvale woman said her daughter is receiving death threats from an ex-boyfriend, Sunday. The two met online and dated about a month, the girl said. She said initially he was nice, but over time he became mean, getting angry because he could not see her every day and threatening to beat her up.

Scuffle: An Island Creek township woman and her boyfriend scuffled because she was talking with her ex-boyfriend, the father of her children, Sunday. She had a small scratch and slight abrasions on her neck but wasn’t interested in pressing charges, deputies said.

Punched: A Tiltonsville man said his girlfriend’s son walked into their residence and punched him, Sunday. Deputies said he sustained injuries to both legs and feet, his left ear, arm and back. He said the two of them have never gotten along, but his girlfriend didn’t want him to pursue charges.

Conned: A Mingo Junction woman got swindled, Friday. She told deputies she met a man online she believed lived in Colorado who said he was the main person on an oil rig in the gulf and needed to open a checking account in England because he was owed money for services. She opened the account and the individual supposedly deposited $1 million into it but she was advised she would have to pay taxes on it or be arrested. She paid the initial $4,000 that was demanded, then was advised she’d have to pay more or be arrested. All told, she told deputies she’s out $12,600.

Problem: Two subjects wearing dark hoodies reportedly attempted to gain access to a residence at Lake Lodge in the Richmond area, Saturday. The girlfriend of the homeowner was “screaming bloody murder” in the background as his mother, who lives nearby, tried to report the incident, deputies said. A teen who was in the home said the subjects tried to push their way in via the front door, adding one one of them knocked on her bedroom window. The man’s girlfriend said she saw the two approach on security cameras.

Assaulted: Two women assaulted a third woman in Brilliant, then jumped in a truck that didn’t belong to them and drove away, Sunday. The victim refused to identify herself. Her boyfriend said the other two women had broken his phone and accused her of stealing money. He later found his truck abandoned along the road.

Booked: Russell Edward Whittaker Jr., 49, 400 S. Bridge St., Adena, burglary, criminal damaging, criminal trespassing, breaking and entering, obstructing official business, assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and contempt, Monday. Whittaker had been evicted from the residence, which belongs to his ex-girlfriend, but had skipped the hearing and refused to acknowledge its legality, deputies said.

Booked: Jessica D. Moore-Miller, 38, 48388 Sloans Run Road, St. Clairsville, failure to appear warrant out of Dillonvale County Court (OVI); Jason Clotter, 32, Pittsburg, failure to appear (sexual assault), Friday; Eva McIntyre, 30, 115 Ward Dr., Wintersville, domestic violence, Friday; Richard Allen Jr., 42, 5376 state Route 43, Richmond, domestic violence, Saturday; Monika L. Search-Allen, 34, 5376 state Route 43, Richmond, domestic violence; Ryan Lee Miller, 36, 84 15th St., Wheeling, failure to appear (OVI), Saturday.


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