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Steubenville police

Injured: A motorcyclist was flown by medical helicopter to a Pittsburgh hospital Saturday after crashing his bike on the on-ramp to Veterans Memorial Bridge, Steubenville police said. Witnesses said the motorcyclist was making a left but turned too sharply and began traveling toward oncoming traffic, police said. He realized his mistake and tried to jump the curb to re-enter the correct lane of traffic but in doing so, his motorcycle went air born, and he flew over the handlebars. The motorcycle and its operator came to rest in the roadway, they said.

Confusing: Police spotted a woman bent over at Shirley Circle East and Sunset Boulevard Friday who “appeared to be digging or clawing at the sidewalk and acting in a bizarre manner,” police said. Officers said she appeared to “engage in an altercation with overgrown vines and a tree branch,” so they stopped and conducted a welfare check of the female, who appeared to be possibly under the influence of something and not making sense with her conversation.” She was able to identify herself and stated she was fine, they noted.

Mixed signals: A disturbance reported in the 800 block of Oakmont Avenue, Saturday. The male said they’d been texting back and forth attempting to get back together, but while police were speaking with him, the female began yelling from an upstairs window that he was stalking her and she didn’t want him around.

Cited: Darnell E. Longmire, 33, Steubenville, intoxication. Police say Longmire was asked to leave Maryland Market but refused, allegedly scuffling with the owner as well as a customer who held him down. Neither wished to pursue charges even though the customer was bleeding from the eyebrow area. Police said they could smell alcohol on him and claimed he told them he was “drunk,” though he didn’t elaborate.

Upset: A Kendall Avenue resident said her boyfriend held her on the ground and wouldn’t let her leave, Friday. The woman was visibly upset, police said, but had no visible injuries and didn’t wish to file charges though they did note a strong odor of alcohol on her breath. Later in the shift, a disturbance was reported at the same address, but once on scene officers said the woman “didn’t seem interested in speaking to us and began calling her friend” instead. She then “stated that she was drunk,” they noted.

Noisy: A caller reported hearing someone yelling from inside a residence in 700 block of North Seventh St., Saturday. The resident said he’d fallen but everything was OK. He was advised him to keep the noise down.

Words hurt: A North Sixth Street resident said a man threatened her, Saturday. He told police he didn’t appreciate things she’d said about his girlfriend but said the dispute was only verbal. The two were advised to stay away from each other.

Cheeky: A man and his girlfriend argued over his driving, Saturday. She said the argument turned physical, with him hitting her on the face. Police said she had a small mark on her cheek.

Loud: A disturbance was reported in the 800 block of Oakmont, Thursday. Family members said a male started yelling when he found out he couldn’t have the car to drive to work.

Details lacking: A caller reported seeing three men beating a fourth person with a belt, then dragging that person into a residence in the area of Lawson Avenue and State Street, Thursday. The caller was vague on details and left the scene, and police said they were unable to locate the building or any individuals involved.

Booked: Amanda L Rogers, 40, 1423 Pennsylvania Ave., Steubenville, petit theft, Saturday. Walmart personnel allege Rogers tried to leave the store with $143 in merchandise she hadn’t paid for.

Robbed: A set of keys and medicine were taken from a residence in the 700 block of Kendall Avenue, Saturday.

Argument: A man sleeping in the alley in the 1500 block of Ridge Avenue told police he’d argued with a family member so he left the residents and laid down outside, Saturday.

Booked: Ricki Saunders, 35, 47 township Road 311, Amsterdam, failure to appear and possession of drugs, Friday; Christopher Saunders, 44, 153 West Fifth St., Steubenville, disorderly conduct and menacing, Friday; April M. Stanley, 46, 196 Nicholas St., Weirton, failure to appear bench warrant (probation violation hearing), Friday.

Cited: Robin S. Wagner, 39, 1243 Arlington Ave., Steubenville, dog at large; Dianna Welling (Gear), 50, 2629 Whitehaven Blvd., Steubenville, failure to control; Abel B. Reynolds, 26, 253 South Fifth St., Steubenville, following too closely, following a three-car accident Friday in the 3600 block of Sunset Boulevard.

Served: Matthew A. Burt, 30, 213 Wilma Ave., Steubenville, bench warrant, Friday.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to owners of properties at 1809 Williams Place, 1533 Euclid Ave., 1301 Arlington Ave., 503 Union Ave., and 2637 Hollywood Blvd., high grass; and 347 South Seventh St., garbage.

Found: A chain saw was found on the side of the road in the 600 block of Lovers Lane.

Ohio State Highway patrol

Charged: Jessica Horulic, 32, 227 Cantelours Blvd., Steubenville, operating a vehicle impaired, Thursday.


Cited: Joey D. Slider, 40, 1023 Trenton St., expired license; Zachary A. Costlow, 32, 703 Main St., left of center; and Michael D. Popp, 43, 929 Biltmore Ave., stop sign violation.


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